Council notices
Week commencing 29 May 2017

National Reconciliation Week 2017 banner

The Kempsey Healing Together Committee will be hosting a Community BBQ next Wednesday 31 May at Riverside Park in celebration of National Reconciliation Week.

National Reconciliation week celebrates and builds on the respectful relationships shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians.

This year marks two significant anniversaries in Australia’s reconciliation journey - 50 years since the 1967 referendum, and 25 years since the historic Mabo decision.

National Reconciliation Week - Community BBQ
Wednesday 31 May
Riverside Park 11am - 2pm

South West Rocks Running Festival road closures

Council wishes to advise of an approved local road closure due to the South West Rocks Running Festival.

The southbound lane of South West Rocks Road, from the corner of Arakoon Road/Gregory Street to Plummers Lane and through to Hat Head Road is closed from 7:15am to 10:30am on Sunday 11 June, with alternating traffic in place.

Please direct any enquiries to Peter Needs, Race Director, Trial Bay Triathlon Club on 6566 6700 or email

Expression of Interest: Health & wellbeing BBQ breakfast

Council is seeking Expressions of Interest from local health and wellbeing providers, sporting clubs and volunteering groups to attend a BBQ breakfast aimed at connecting with employees of Kempsey Shire Council. Part of the implementation of Council’s workplace health and wellbeing program, Wellbeing - It starts with you, the breakfast will be held during Men’s Health Week on Thursday 15 June at the Council depot in Dangar Street from 7:30am to 9:00am.

f you would like to participate or have promotional material of services you would like display at the event, please contact Jennifer Smith on 6566 3326 or email

Weekly works schedule

This week our crews will be working on:

Mattys Flat Boat Ramp upgrade works are now complete
  • Bridge construction/maintenance: Installation of joists, handrail posts and deck of new Oil Terminal Footbridge, South West Rocks
  • Flood mitigation maintenance: Gate replacement at Robinsons Drain, Summer Island; rock bank protection on Belmore River Right Bank Road, Belmore River
  • Drainage/kerb/footpath maintenance: Pouring of kerb and gutter on Fernhill Avenue, Aldavilla; modification of drainage pits and pouring of kerb and gutter on Bestic Street, West Kempsey; removal of failed kerb and gutter on Collin Tait Avenue, West Kempsey; footpath repairs on Gordon Young Drive, South West Rocks
  • Bitumen road resealing/maintenance: Pothole patching on Belmore River Right Bank Road and in South West Rocks
  • Bitumen road construction/rehabilitation: Construction of lined drain on Cochrane Street, West Kempsey; sealing of shoulder on Short Street, West Kempsey; installation of new pit lintels and restoration of shoulder, pavement and driveways on River Street, West Kempsey; excavation and replacement of failed pavement on East Street, Crescent Head
  • Gravel road resheeting: Willi Willi Road (Temagog Road to Toorumbee Road)
  • Gravel road maintenance grading: Willi Willi Road (Temagog Road to Toorumbee Road) and Collombatti Road
  • Roadside slashing: South West Rocks Road (Gladstone to Kempsey), Sherwood Road, Link Road, South Kempsey area, and Macleay Valley Way (south)
  • Other works: Drainage works from Chapman Street to shops as part of Frederickton streetscape; site clearing, mulching and excavation on Central Kempsey Sewer Treatment Plant access road; pouring of footpath on Steve Eagleton Drive, South West Rocks as part of PAMP works

Development consents and complying certificates

Notification is given in accordance with section 101 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 of the granting of the following development consents and complying development certificates:

Applicant no. Land Development description
T6-17-5 Lot 378 DP823789
21 Gordon Young Drive
Lot 377 DP823789
23-37 Gordon Young Drive
Lot 376 DP823789
39-89 Gordon Young Drive
South West Rocks
Hardstand area additions to existing tourist park
T6-17-63 Lot 19 Lot 21  Lot 22 & Lot 50 DP752422
Lot 142 DP730193
Lot 1  Lot 2 & Lot 3 DP239667
724 Nulla Nulla Creek Road
Lot 49 DP752422
Mitchells Access
Subdivision (nine lots into six lots)
T6-17-93 Lot 14 DP786612
35 Forth Street &
Lot 12 DP703105
30 Clyde Street
Alterations and additions to medical centre and demolition of existing building
T6-17-123 Lot 22 DP819380
15 Mitchell Street
South West Rocks
Two storey addition to existing dwelling
T6-17-126 Lot 116 DP1177499
62 Waratah Drive
Tree removal
T6-17-143 Lot 121 DP807706
14 Marlin Drive
South West Rocks
Additions to existing garage
T6-17-150 Lot 22 DP813048
10 Crottys Lane
Continued use of an existing building as a garage
T6-17-158 Lot 11 DP713083
68 Bloomfield Street
South Kempsey
T6-17-159 Lot 2 DP828142
448 Fishermans Reach Road
Fishermans Reach
Rev 04
Lot 1 DP1128633
52 Belle O'Connor Street
South West Rocks
Two lot residential subdivision
T6-17-168 Lot 323 DP1220901
1 Rosedale Avenue
South West Rocks
Dwelling - complying development - private certifier

Development consents are available for public inspection, free of charge, during ordinary office hours at the consent authority’s principal office, at Council’s Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey, between 8:30am and 4:30pm from Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted).

Notice of proposed developments

The following applications have been received and are notified in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. Please note that not all applications require public notification.

Application no. Land Proposed development Applicant Consent authority Exhibition period
T6-17-65 Lot B DP380161
3 Scott Street
Crescent Head
Demolish existing building and construct commercial premises and dwelling Mr R Clark Kempsey Shire Council 30 May 2017 -
12 June 2017
T6-17-113 Lot 711 DP1201974
Fishermans Reach Road
Fishermans Road
Dwelling, secondary dwelling & detached carport Mr C Gilmour Kempsey Shire Council 30 May 2017 -
12 June 2017
T6-17-151 Lot 33 DP1228126
11 Prior Circuit
West Kempsey
Detached dual occupancy, retaining walls and subdivision Voyee Pty Ltd Kempsey Shire Council 30 May 2017 -
12 June 2017
T6-17-181 Lot 32 DP1228126
9 Prior Circuit
West Kempsey
Detached dual occupancy, retaining walls and subdivision Voyee Pty Ltd Kempsey Shire Council 30 May 2017 -
12 June 2017
T6-17-178 Lot 398 DP253198
45 Ocean Street
South West Rocks
Additions to existing two storey dwelling Mr I Shaw Kempsey Shire Council 30 May 2017 -
12 June 2017

A development application and accompanying documents may be inspected at Kempsey Shire Council, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey, any time between 8:30am and 4:30pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) during the exhibition period.

Any person may make a written submission to the consent authority in relation to a development application during the exhibition period. If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission. Please note that any submission received by Council may be made publicly available.

A person who makes a written submission to a development application is required to disclose all reportable political donations and gifts (if any) made by the person making the submission or any associate of that person within the period commencing two years before the submission is made and ending when the application is determined. A disclosure statement form and further details can be obtained from Council’s website