Council notices
Week commencing 12 June 2017

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Half-day event

Following the postponement of the Kempsey Show in April, the Kempsey Show Society has applied to Council for half-day local events (afternoon) for the 2017 Kempsey Show on Saturday 16 September and Sunday 17 September, 2017.

A declared local event day does not automatically mean employers are compelled to treat the day as a public holiday. Entitlements to staff will only arise where agreed to at the workplace level, usually as an enterprise agreement or contract. For a full outline on public holiday and local event days please visit 

Submissions can be lodged in writing by close of business, Friday 30 June, 2017. The application and any submissions will be reported to the July 2017 Council meeting before being forwarded to NSW Industrial Relations for consideration by the Minister and gazettal.

Bitou Bush aerial spraying

Bitou Bush

Weather permitting, Council will be aerial spraying the noxious weed Bitou Bush on Stuarts Point Beach from 19 June to 23 June.

The spraying will be done with the chemical Roundup which is registered to control Bitou Bush. This work is to reduce Bitou Bush infestations on the coastline and promote the revegetation of native species.

Some beach accesses will be closed for a short period of time while the works are taking place. Council apologise for any inconvenience resulting from this necessary work. A map indicating where spraying will be undertaken is available on Council’s website.

If you have any concerns or for more information contact Council Customer Services on 6566 3200

NSW Grandparents Day event grants

NSW Grandparents Day celebrates the contributions grandparents make to their families and communities. This year NSW Grandparents Day will be held on Sunday 29 October.

To help celebrate, the Department of Family and Community Services has $200,000 in grant funding available for community organisations to host events on the day. Applications close 5pm Friday 14 July, 2017.

Visit  for more information or to apply.

Weekly works schedule

This week our crews will be working on:

Stuarts Point Road will undergo further heavy patching this week
  • Bridge construction/maintenance: Installation of joists handrails and deck of new Oil Terminal Footbridge, South West Rocks; installation of sidetrack on Nagles Falls Road bridge
  • Flood mitigation maintenance: Weed spraying in various locations as part of drains maintenance
  • Drainage/kerb/footpath maintenance: Pouring of kerb and gutter on Fernhill Crescent, Aldavilla and Bestic Street, Collin Tait Avenue and Clarence Ryan Avenue, West Kempsey
  • Bitumen road resealing/maintenance: Pothole patching in Stuarts Point area; heavy patching on Stuarts Point Road
  • Bitumen road construction/rehabilitation: Sealing of shoulder on Short Street, West Kempsey; continued rehabilitation of River Street, West Kempsey; installation of dish drain at Heyson Street as part of North Street, West Kempsey rehabilitation; modification of centre island and kerb ramps on East Street, Crescent Head; excavation and pavement replacement on Entrance Street, South West Rocks
  • Gravel road resheeting: Willi Willi Road (Temagog Road to Toorumbee Road)
  • Gravel road maintenance grading: Willi Willi Road (with gravel resheeting) and Collombatti Road
  • Roadside slashing: South West Rocks Road (Gladstone to Kempsey) and South Kempsey area
  • Other works: Drainage works and linemarking from Chapman Street to shops as part of Frederickton streetscape; mulching and excavation on Central Kempsey Sewage Treatment Plant access road; pouring of footpath and kerb rebuild on Gregory Street, South West Rocks as part of PAMP works

Development consents and complying certificates

Notification is given in accordance with section 101 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 of the granting of the following development consents and complying development certificates:

Applicant no. Land Development description
T6-16-435 Lot 321 DP867011
14 Smith Street
Recreation facility (indoor) gymnasium - modification (refer T6-99-266)
T6-17-109 Lot 16 DP249399
10 Polwood Street
West Kempsey
Alterations and additions to bowling and recreation club
Rev 02
Lot 67 DP752433
156 Dennis Road
Mungay Creek
Boundary adjustment and concept approval for dwelling
T6-17-128 Lot 61 DP752435
Lot 1 DP1087046
Dungay Creek Road
Rev 01
Lot 21 DP700582
Lot 14 DP1019505
20-22 South Street
South Kempsey
Landscape supplies storage
Rev 01
Lot 85 DP1009641
62 Marlin Drive
South West Rocks
Two storey dwelling
Rev 02
Lot 2 DP776488
Upper Smiths Creek Road
Dwelling, studio, shed, carport & swimming pool
T6-17-179 Lot 344 DP791943
270 Arakoon Road
Additions to existing shed
T6-17-183 Lot 329 DP1220901
13 Rosedale Avenue
South West Rocks

Development consents are available for public inspection, free of charge, during ordinary office hours at the consent authority’s principal office, at Council’s Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey, between 8:30am and 4:30pm from Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted).

Notice of proposed developments

The following applications have been received and are notified in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. Please note that not all applications require public notification.

Application no. Land Proposed development Applicant Consent authority Exhibition period
T6-17-149 Lot 197 DP752438
3 Reserve Road
Grassy Head

Change of use from garage to coffee roasting facility

D Klingsporn & C Harkins Kempsey Shire Council 13 June 2017 -
26 June 2017
T6-17-90 Lot 4014 DP611128
483 Austral Eden Inner Road
Austral Eden
Sawmill and timber storage area (amended plans) A F Busch Kempsey Shire Council 13 June 2017 -
26 June 2017
T6-17-174 Lot 1 DP1016374
43 Aldavilla Road
Cat boarding facility M E Hayes Kempsey Shire Council 13 June 2017 -
26 June 2017

A development application and accompanying documents may be inspected at Kempsey Shire Council, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey, any time between 8:30am and 4:30pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) during the exhibition period.

Any person may make a written submission to the consent authority in relation to a development application during the exhibition period. If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission. Please note that any submission received by Council may be made publicly available.

A person who makes a written submission to a development application is required to disclose all reportable political donations and gifts (if any) made by the person making the submission or any associate of that person within the period commencing two years before the submission is made and ending when the application is determined. A disclosure statement form and further details can be obtained from Council’s website