Council notices
Week commencing 12 March 2018

2018 NSW Seniors Festival 4-15 April 2018

Road condition inspection underway

Road survey vehicle

Council is currently undertaking a detailed video imaging and condition assessment of the shire’s 613km network of roads.

Residents may notice inspection vehicles travelling on local roads over the next few weeks while the assessment is carried out. The vehicles have cameras, hazard lighting and other warning devices in operation while completing laser measurement and video recording activities of the shire’s roads.

Council asks that motorists travelling behind the vehicles keep a full car length distance away to provide the cameras at the rear of the vehicle with a clear view of the road surface.

The data collected will enable Council to better manage this important asset, enable more effective maintenance and renewal strategies to improve the connectivity mobility and safety.

Draft Kempsey Cinema VPA

The draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) for the Kempsey Cinema project has been placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days.

Council resolved at the ordinary meeting of Council on 20 February 2018 that the VPA be notified by way of public exhibition upon receipt of acknowledgment from the Office of Local Government.

A VPA is a legally binding contract between a developer and a planning authority, such as a Council, that determines the criteria for the development. The cinema VPA outlines the project funding, developer’s responsibility in engaging a cinema operator and delivery of an ongoing public benefit as a condition.

The draft VPA can be viewed online by going to www.kempsey.nsw. or at Council’s Customer Service Centre, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey, 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Members of the public are invited to make submissions on the terms of the VPA. Submissions will be accepted up until 4pm on Wednesday 28 March.

Water meter reading

Contract readers have now commenced water meter reading in the Shire. These three monthly water usage accounts will be issued in April and are due for payment by 31 May 2018.

Dog owners are asked to ensure that contract officers can access your property’s water meter without interference from your dog. Overgrown or buried water meters can also cause problems and may result in incorrect readings being registered. Please make sure your water meter is accessible at all times.

Weekly works schedule

This week our crews will be working on:

Lachlan Street works continue in South Kempsey this week
  • Bridge construction/maintenance: Continue general bridge inspections across the Shire; prepare McIntyre’s Bridge on Nulla Nulla Creek Road for piling
  • Flood mitigation maintenance: Install refurbished Ball’s floodgates; spraying of Gills Drain, Buchanan’s Drain and Pola Creek Drain
  • Drainage/kerb/footpath maintenance: Continue Marsh Street footpath replacement
  • Bitumen road resealing/maintenance: Pot hole patching in various locations across the Shire following wet weather; commence heavy patching on Kemp Street
  • Bitumen road construction/rehabilitation: Continue excavation and replacement of kerb, gutter and shoulder on Tozer Street; extend pipe culverts on Plummers Lane as part of Macleay Valley Way to 1.2km rehabilitation
  • Gravel road resheeting: Spread, trim and compact gravel on Armidale Road
  • Gravel road maintenance grading: Nulla Nulla Road, White Rocks Road, Point Plomer Road, Maria River Road and Mooneba Road
  • Roadside slashing: West Kempsey, Summer Island Road, Crescent Head Road and Maria River Road
  • Other works:
    • Asphalt surfacing of Lachlan Street (Carri Street to Nicholson Street)
    • Excavate Lachlan Street (Nicholson Street to Yarravel Street) and install drainage
    • Continue restoration of Riverside Park ramp to wharf
    • Spread and trim topsoil at South West Rocks sportsfield
    • Continue concrete cutting on Macleay Valley Way in Bellimbopinni as part of concrete repairs
    • Strip vegetation from edges of Macleay Valley Way (Bellimbopinni to Plummers Lane) as part of shoulder replacement

Development consents and complying certificates

Notification is given in accordance with section 101 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 of the granting of the following development consents and complying development certificates:

Applicant no. Land Development description
T6-17-487 Lot 2033 DP731059
110 Gregory Street
South West Rocks
Alterations & additions to existing aged care facility
T6-18-29 Lot 2 DP1113014
29 Teague Drive
South Kempsey
Shed with amenities
T6-18-40 Lot 1 DP850787
16 Wilfred Partridge Street
South West Rocks
Alterations to existing child care centre
T6-18-44 Lot 90 DP752417
Theresa Street
South Kempsey
T6-18-46 Lot 10 Sec 1 DP245364
2 Seventh Avenue
Stuarts Point
T6-18-47 Lot 13 DP261375
18 Simpson Street
South West Rocks
Tree removal
T6-18-48 Lot 2 DP1113014
29 Teague Drive
South Kempsey
Dwelling and tree removal
T6-18-50 Lot 10 DP249398
2 Mason Street
Hat Head
Alterations and additions to existing dwelling & garage
T6-18-51 Lot 98 DP258248
16 Ironbark Crescent
T6-18-53 Lot 13 Sec 2 DP245364
42 Marine Parade
Stuarts Point
Swimming pool
T6-18-56 Lot 311 DP1214459
33 Steve Eagleton Drive
South West Rocks
Attached carport
T6-18-63 Lot 16 Sec 5 DP758024
30 Cardwell Street
Alterations and additions to existing flat (Unit 2)

Development consents are available for public inspection, free of charge, during ordinary office hours at the consent authority’s principal office, at Council’s Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey, between 8:30am and 4:30pm from Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted).

Notice of proposed developments

The following applications have been received and are notified in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. Please note that not all applications require public notification.

Application no. Land Proposed development Applicant Consent authority Exhibition period
T6-18-79 Lot 32 DP1083782
14 Darkwater Street
Relocated & raise two storey dwelling C Von Menegersen & A Von Menegersen Kempsey Shire Council 13 March 2018 -
26 March 2018

A development application and accompanying documents may be inspected at Kempsey Shire Council, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey, any time between 8:30am and 4:30pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) during the exhibition period.

Any person may make a written submission to the consent authority in relation to a development application during the exhibition period. If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission. Please note that any submission received by Council may be made publicly available.

A person who makes a written submission to a development application is required to disclose all reportable political donations and gifts (if any) made by the person making the submission or any associate of that person within the period commencing two years before the submission is made and ending when the application is determined. A disclosure statement form and further details can be obtained from Council’s website

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