Council notices
Week commencing 30 April 2018

Deer cull on Council land

Council advise that Local Land Services (LLS) have been given approval to enter Council-owned land on Heyson Street, Greenhills and Belmore Street, West Kempsey for the purpose of a deer cull. The cull is an authorised operation of LLS and will commence this week.

Contact Council Customer Services on 6566 3200 for more information.

Police and Aboriginal Consultative Committee Meeting

Pile of hands

The next meeting of the Police and Aboriginal Consultative Committee (PACC) will be held on Monday 7 May in the Kempsey Shire Council Chambers from 9:30am to 11:30am.

The PACC meet quarterly to address Aboriginal issues associated with community safety and crime. These meetings are not forums for broader community issues but are open to the Aboriginal community and are inclusive of gender and age. Light refreshments will be provided for those who attend.

Future PACC meetings will be held on 30 July and 29 October 2018.

For more information on PACC meetings, please contact Inspector Stuart Campbell at Kempsey Police Station on 6561 6199 or Council Customer Services on 6566 3200

Jerseyville Bridge lane closure

The east bound lane of Jerseyville Bridge will be closed during the day for two weeks from Monday 30 to Friday 11 May, 2018 while the existing water main is remounted to the bridge.

Council apologises for any inconvenience caused during this time.

Please contact Council Customer Services on 6566 3200 for more information.

Weekly works schedule

This week our crews will be working on:

Construction of McIntyre's Bridge, Nulla Nulla Creek Road
  • Bridge construction/maintenance: Install bored piles and construct piling platform in creek as part of Schmidts Bridge works on Schmidts Road; install deck units and restore approaches as part of Knauers Bridge replacement on Kinchela Creek Left Bank Road
  • Flood mitigation maintenance: Routine maintenance
  • Drainage/kerb/footpath maintenance and replacement: Install flood flap and continue restoration on John Street, Smithtown; install pipes on Verge Street, Smithtown
  • Bitumen road resealing/maintenance: Pothole patching Hunters Road, Stuarts Point streets, South Kempsey streets, Summer Island Road, Warbro Brook Road
  • Bitumen road construction/rehabilitation: Construct permanent concrete median islands on Tozer Street (Elbow Street to Marsh Street); form and pour driveways and excavate pavement on Tozer Street (Elbow Street to Kemp Street); extend pipe culverts on Plummers Lane (Macleay Valley Way to 1.2km); prime seal Elbow/River Street service road as part of reconstruction; excavate and replace pavement on Sherwood Road (Ronella Drive to Hillview Drive) as part of rehabilitation works; linemarking on South Street, Macleay Valley Way (at South Street intersection), Macleay Valley Way (bridge to Smith Street), Sherwood Road (various locations), Second Lane and South West Rocks Road (at Red Hill Lane)
  • Gravel road maintenance grading: Pipers Creek Road, O'Neills Road, Bellbrook unsealed streets and Gap Creek Road
  • Roadside slashing: Macleay Valley Way (Frederickton to Stuarts Point Road), Kundabung area and South Kempsey area
  • Other works:
    • Linemarking on Lachlan Street, South Kempsey from Carri Street to Nicholson Street and Nicholson Street to Yarravel Street;
    • Continue concrete cutting on Macleay Valley Way, Bellimbopinni as part of pavement repairs;
    • Continue stripping vegetation from edges of Macleay Valley Way (Bellimbopinni to Plummers Lane) as part of shoulder replacement

Development consents and complying certificates

Notification is given in accordance with section 101 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 of the granting of the following development consents and complying development certificates:

Applicant no. Land Development description
T6-17-453 Lot 75 DP1187322
7 Gilbert Cory Street
South West Rocks
Detached multi dwellings, alterations & additions to existing dwelling, detached carport and subdivision (Staged)
T6-17-480 Lot 3 DP789562
152 Chain O Ponds Road
Continued use of an existing buildings as a dwelling and detached bedroom
T6-18-8 Lot 65 DP247905
36 Grey Gum Crescent
Telecommunications facility
T6-18-19 Lot 623 DP584769
11-21 Lawson Street
Site remediation works
T6-18-57 Lot 3 DP259465
1048 Point Plomer Road
Crescent Head
T6-18-75 Lot 3 DP1240063
Kemps Access
T6-18-88 Lot 105 DP873692
414 Beranghi Road
Crescent Head
Continued use of an existing building as a detached dual occupancy
T6-18-125 Lot 120 DP826640
13 James Ramsay Place
West Kempsey
T6-18-126 Lot 121 DP543857
69 Landsborough Street
South West Rocks
Alterations & additions to existing two storey dwelling
T6-18-128 Lot 11 DP875534
36 Korogora Street
Crescent Head
Alteration and additions - timber deck with roof extension to existing garage
T6-18-131 Lot 32 DP1168398
79 Sherwood Road
Shed with attached carport
T6-18-132 Lot 23 DP625887
2910 South West Rocks Road
Continued use of an existing building as a cabana
T6-18-133 Lot 51 DP754419
784 Belmore River Left Bank Road
Belmore River
Shed & flood mound
T6-18-134 Lot 12 DP1063686
Pipers Creek Road
T6-18-138 Lot 1 DP1029454
408 Old Station Road
Verges Creek
Additions to existing dwelling
T6-18-140 Lot 3 DP349314
10 Angus Avenue
West Kempsey
Alterations and additions to existing dwelling
T6-18-144 Lot 81 DP620411
4 North Street
Alterations and additions to existing dwelling
T6-18-145 Lot 2 DP878638
254 Gregory Street
South West Rocks

Notice of proposed developments

The following applications have been received and are notified in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. Please note that not all applications require public notification.

Application no. Land Proposed development Applicant Consent authority Exhibition period
T6-18-158 Lot 1532 DP1198163
Lot 141, Lot 154, Lot 155 DP752437
Chain of Ponds Road
Recreational facility (outdoor) - grass motorcycle racing track and ancillary facilities Macleay District Motor Cycle Club Inc Kempsey Shire Council 1 May 2018 -
14 May 2018

A development application and accompanying documents may be inspected at Kempsey Shire Council, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey, any time between 8:30am and 4:30pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) during the exhibition period.

Any person may make a written submission to the consent authority in relation to a development application during the exhibition period. If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission. Please note that any submission received by Council may be made publicly available.

A person who makes a written submission to a development application is required to disclose all reportable political donations and gifts (if any) made by the person making the submission or any associate of that person within the period commencing two years before the submission is made and ending when the application is determined. A disclosure statement form and further details can be obtained from Council’s website

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