Ordinary Council meeting
11 November 2008



Opening Prayer

  • "Dear Lord, help us in our deliberations today so that our decisions will be for the greater good for the whole of Kempsey Shire - Amen".


Declarations of Interest

Assessment of Items Listed in Confidential Business Paper

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 14th October 2008 (for confirmation)


  • Presentation of Mental Health Matters Award to Youth Advisory Council/Community Development Officer - Youth
  • At 12:45pm (prior to lunch) Mr Geoff Dwyer from Council’s auditors Thomas Noble & Russell will conduct a presentation to the Council in respect of the audited financial accounts.


  • 60 Year 5 children will be coming from St Joseph’s in 2 groups of 30 from about 9:30 am
  • 18 commerce students from St Paul’s will be arriving at 10:45 am and staying for 1 hour

Morning Tea

  • In order for this to happen in a timely manner Council to break for morning tea at 10:25 am and meeting to resume at 10:45 am

Remembrance Day - 1 Minute Silence

  • There will be one minute silence at 11:00am in remembrance of the sacrifices made by those who have died for Australia in wars and conflicts.

Public Forum

Consideration of Late Reports

  • Consideration of late reports to determine whether they should be dealt with or deferred.

Consideration of Reports Relating to Public Forum Matters

Adoption of Agenda Order of Business

Mayoral Minute A1-A9

Mayoral Supplementary Minute

Items Tabled for Information B1

  1. Community Housing Mid North Coast - Annual Report 2007/08
    File: *

Notice of Motion D1-D4

Rescission Motion - Supplementary E1

Delegate’s Report F1-F5

Director Sustainable Development Services Report G1-G18

Director Shire Services Report H1-H15

Director Shire Services Supplementary Report H16-H24

Director Corporate & Community Services Report J1-J43

General Manager’s Report K1-K17

General Manager's Supplementary Report K18-K19

Questions Without Notice M1

The following items of business are of such a nature that discussion is likely to take place when the meeting is closed to the public for the reasons stated.

Motion for Confidential Committee N1

Confidential Business Paper

Confidential Committee of the Whole Officer’s Reports

Mayoral Confidential Report A1-A2

  • Reason for Presentation of Report on a Confidential Basis

    This report is submitted on a confidential basis as it contains information and matters of the following:

    (a) personal matters concerning particular individuals (other than councillors)

    A1 MM1 CONF - Recruitment of new General Manager
    File: 146

General Manager’s Confidential Report K1-K4

  • Reason for Presentation of Report on a Confidential Basis

    This report is submitted on a confidential basis as it involves advice concerning litigation, or advice that would otherwise be privileged from production in legal proceedings on the ground of legal professional privilege. (Local Government Act 1993, Section 10A(2)(g))

    On balance, the public interest in preserving the confidentiality of the advice outweighs the public interest in openness and transparency in Council decision making by discussing the matter in open meeting.

    GM1 CONF - Various Legal Matters - Current Position
    K1 File: 155

Open Council

Adoption of Report of the Confidential Committee of the Whole