Ordinary Council meeting
21 July 2015

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Council Chambers, West Kempsey

Agenda and Minutes


Item 1: Transfer of Land to Macleay Vocational College

Item 3: Draft Waste and Education Strategy

Item 4: Developer Contributions Moratorium - Kempsey

Item 5: Consideration of a Request to Acquire Land Adjoining Council Land - 25-27 Paragon Avenue, South West Rocks

Item 6: Proposed Renaming of Hillview Drive (West End) at Yarravel

Item 8: Extension of Contract for Mattress Recycling at the Waste Management Facility

Item 9: Statement of Cash and Investments

Item 11: Mayoral Community Fund Committee Meeting held on 22 June 2015

Item 12: Mayoral Community Fund Committee Meeting held on 6 July 2015

Item 13: Local Traffic Committee Meeting held on 7 July 2015

19 Councillor Questions

Hat Head Beach Reserve (R52808) Reserve Trust

Stuarts Point Public Recreation (R61657) Reserve Trust