Ordinary Council meeting
17 November 2015

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Council Chambers, West Kempsey

Agenda and Minutes


Item 1: 2014/2015 Financial Statements and Auditors Report

Item 3: KLEP 2013 Amendment No.7 - Planning Proposal - West Kempsey

Item 4: KLEP 2013 Amendment No.9 - Planning Proposal - 'Information and Education Facilities', 'Restaurant or Cafés' 'Tourist and Visitor Accommodation' in Rural Zones

Item 5: Review of 10 Year Strategic Landuse Planning Program

Item 6: Video Surveillance on Public and Other Lands Procedure

Item 8: Quarterly Budget Report

Item 10: Proposed Naming/Renaming of New and Existing Public Roads in Kundabung, Collombatti and Barraganyatti as a Result of the Pacific Highway Upgrade

Item 11: Procedure on Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to the Mayor and Councillors

Item 12: Code of Conduct Complaints Report

Item 13: Statement of Cash and Investments

Item 16: Mayoral Community Fund Committee meeting held 4 November 2015

QFNM2: Are barbecue facilities to be erected at the Frederickton boat ramp?