Local Government Elections
Saturday 8 September 2012

Election results

The 2012 election results for Kempsey Shire Council are available from the Australian Election Company website:

General information

An election will be held on Saturday 8 September to elect a popularly elected Mayor and 8 Councillors.

Becoming a Councillor

Would you like to find out more about becoming a Councillor?

We are providing a range of information for people interested in standing for election to Council.

The Division of Local Government, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, in cooperation with the Local Government Association of NSW and the Shires Association of NSW, have prepared a publication about becoming a councillor:

Nomination forms

The attached form and appropriate deposit must be lodged with the Returning Officer for Council at 82 Belgrave Street Kempsey NSW between the opening of the nomination period, 30 July 2012, and the close of the nomination period at midday, 8 August 2012.

Returning Officers office

The Returning Officers office is located at 82 Belgrave Street Kempsey.

The office will be open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Phone: 02 6562 2671
Fax: 02 6562 7091

Recent publications from the Division of Local Government

Key election dates

13 June 2012 Election Funding Authority and Division of Local Government Briefing (5:00pm–8:00pm) at Council Chambers
14 June 2012 Presentation by Neil Porter at Council Chambers (5:30pm–8:00pm)
30 July 2012 Close of rolls (6:00pm)
Nominations open
2 August 2012 Pre nominations briefing at 82 Belgrave Street (6:00pm)
8 August 2012 Close of nominations (12:00 noon)
Ballot paper draws (app. 2:00pm)
Registration of electoral material (how-to-vote) opens
13 August 2012 Postal voting commences
14 August 2012 Post nominations candidate briefing at 82 Belgrave Street (6:00pm)
27 August 2012 Pre-poll voting commences
31 August 2012 Registration of electoral material closes (5:00pm)
3 September 2012 Postal vote applications close (5:00pm)
7 September 2012 Pre-poll voting closes (6:00pm)
8 September 2012 Election Day (8:00am to 6:00pm)
10 September 2012 Return of postal votes closes (6:00pm)

Enrol to vote

Australian Election Company

Council has appointed Australian Election Company to conduct the 2012 Council election. All enquiries in relation to Council’s election should be directed to Australian Election Company by free call to 1800 224 420 or email to help@austelect.com. Their website may be visited at:

Election Funding Authority

The NSW Parliament recently enacted amendments to election campaign funding and disclosure laws. The laws affect all political parties (registered and non-registered), candidates, groups of candidates, elected members and third-party campaigners in NSW. The laws also affect donors including corporations and other entities and individuals on the roll of electors for Federal, State or local government elections.

All persons interested in standing for election in September 2012 should familiarise themselves with the information contained in the following link:

Employment of Election Staff

Expressions of interest are called for the positions of Election Polling Officials (work will be performed at a polling place on the day of the election) or Election Casuals (work will be performed in the Returning Office).

Following is an attachment from Australian Election Company for an application for employment as Election Staff.

This application will be required to be completed and submitted by email to help@austelect.com or faxed to 07 5428 1355. For further information contact 1800 224 420.