Council cemeteries


Location: 39 Lighthouse Road, Arakoon.

Arakoon Cemetery is set in bushland and the open and peaceful nature of the cemetery plus its historical content creates an appealing atmosphere for visitors. The cemetery includes a general lawn cemetery, columbarium wall and ashes garden.


Location: 34 Cemetery Road (off Armidale Road), Bellbrook

Bellbrook Cemetery is situated just off Armidale Road, Bellbrookin a rural farmland setting on hilly terrain.The cemetery has a low rate of interment and is fenced into areas by religious denomination with gates to the individual sections.


Location: 93 Towal Creek Road, Comara.

There are unmarked unknown graves at this location, and the cemetery is not currently open for burials.

Crescent Head

Location: Belmore Street, Crescent Head.

Crescent Head Cemetery is not available for burials, however has a columbarium wall available for placement of ashes and commemorative plaques.

East Kempsey

Location: Naiooka Street, East Kempsey.

East Kempsey Cemetery includes lawn cemetery, columbarium wall and an ashes garden.

The cemetery contains the Barrunbatayi (Dreamtime) section. The Barrunbatayi Memorial was erected in memory of indigenous people buried in unmarked graves in the cemetery. The memorial features a series of memorial plaques which were unveiled in 2010 and includes a large, hand-painted timber cross and a rainbow serpent pathway.


Location: 246 Euroka Road, Euroka

The Euroka Cemetery is situated on a hill that overlooks the floodplain of Euroka and the Macleay River. The cemetery is of local significance to the Uniting/Methodist Community of the Shire. The church was set in an area of large Uniting/Methodist faith, and the cemetery was within its grounds originally. .


Location: 15–33 Great North Road, Frederickton.

Frederickton Cemetery is situated the side of a hill with views of the Macleay River and Frederickton. It is 2.94 ha in area with a lawn cemetery and an ashes garden. The driveway is bitumen and the cemetery perimeter is fenced.

Hickeys Creek

Location: 169 Toms Gully Road, Hickeys Creek.

Toms Gully Cemetery is situated in a bushland setting on hilly terrain. The cemetery has grassed roadways, is not fenced and has a low rate of interment.

Stuarts Point

Location: 1 Cemetery Road, Stuarts Point.

Kinki Cemetery is situated in a bushland setting. The cemetery is fenced on one side along the access road and has a columbarium wall.

West Kempsey

Location: Broughton Street, West Kempsey

West Kempsey Cemetery is the second oldest established in the Shire and is closed to all interments except those who have reservations. Its central location and local historical content are attractive features for visitors.