Type of monument (headstone) permitted in Council’s cemeteries

All monumental works carried out in Council controlled Cemeteries are subject to prior approval by Council. Council will only grant a monumental permit with the consent of the grantee of the Right of Burial.

The headstone must be of a type and design approved by Council, installed by a monumental mason who has obtained a monumental permit approval.

In the Lawn Section of the cemeteries, an approved headstone (only) can be placed on the concrete beam at the head of the grave. Please see drawing of typical detail for base size for lawn cemetery burials.

If the burial is in the older monumental section, an approved headstone and/or kerbing/slab may be installed. All work is to be consistent with Australian Standard AS4204 Monumental & Headstones in Cemeteries.

All graves and monuments over fifty (50) years and older are subject to the NSW Heritage Act 1977. It is the responsibility of the applicant/grantee to ensure that the proposed work is consistent with the requirements of the Act.