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Australia Council for the Arts 

Bicycle NSW - Ride2School program

Go to Bicycle NSW Ride2School program

The Ride2School Program is a behaviour change program which aims to increase the number of students walking and riding to school. Ride2School encourages healthy lifestyles by increasing students' physical activity levels. It's good for their health, good for their education, good for the environment and good for the family budget.

Christian Surfers Australia

Is for anyone who likes to surf - standup, bodyboard, girls, mals, grommets, pro-surfers, whatever! They "get stoked by serving other Aussie surfers – from the youngest cheekiest grom to the crustiest old salt – by living out the crazy-good news that eternal life is a free gift for all who want it through this bloke called Jesus; and also by helping them see that whilst life isn’t always easy, it’s good. "

Department of Sport and Recreation


DrugInfo is a program of the Australian Drug Foundation. They provide easy access to information about alcohol and other drugs, and the prevention of related harms.

Education - Aboriginal scholarships

These links detail some of the scholarships that are available for Aboriginal school students:

Enrol to vote

Enrol to Vote

You can enrol at 16 or 17 but you cannot vote until you turn 18.

Guides to dealing with alcohol for teenagers and parents

A suite of resources with information for young people and parents about the risks associated with binge drinking and tips for having a safe and enjoyable night when alcohol is around. The three guides are Your Pocket Guide to a Good Night Out; Your Guide to Dealing with Alcohol; and Your Guide to Dealing with Teenagers and Alcohol.

Go to Innovative Resources website

Innovative Resources

St Luke’s Innovative Resources publishes and sells seriously optimistic card packs, books, stickers and posters that can change people’s lives. These resources have become essential items in the ‘tool kits’ of teachers, parents, social workers, counsellors, managers, psychologists, and childcare professionals worldwide. They can be found in classrooms, institutes of sport, jails, boardrooms, employment programs, team building seminars and even fire stations.

JumpStART NSW Cadetships

The NSW Government has announced an exciting new program designed to help young people take up careers in the public sector. So if you're looking for a new path, love a challenge, and want a career that offers great variety, applying for a cadetship is a great way to give your career a JumpSTART.

Visit Healthy Harold's website

Life Education Australia

Life Education Australia (LEA) provides positive programs that develop the social skills and knowledge necessary for effective decision-making, communication, negotiation, peer resistance and refusal in drug-related situations. It encourages respect for the uniqueness of each individual, and teaches the skills to assert confidently that individuality, especially in social settings with friends.

Mental Health Service

The Mental Health Service can offer counselling in relation to mental health issues, mental wellbeing, relationships, life crisis and family conflict issues. They can also offer advocacy. All Services are highly confidential and free.

Address: Kempsey District Hospital, River Street Kempsey
Contact: Youth and Family Team and Acute Care Service
Phone: 1300 369 968 (24 hours) to make a referral or if there is a crisis
Fax: (02) 6563 1819

Mental health resources

Money matters

The Complete Student's Guide to Money

Go to NSW Commission for Children and Young People website

NSW Commission for Children and Young People

The commission is an independent organisation that works with others to make NSW a better place for children and young people.

Remember nites out

Party Sign Up -

If you are having a party anywhere in New South Wales, you can notify NSW Police Force. Sign up your party online by following the steps on the website (must be at least 72 hours prior to event). Remember to inform police if your party is postponed, relocated or cancelled.

Otherwise you can also post, fax or lodge the mynite notification form in person at the police station nearest the party venue.

Skateboarding Australia (SbA)

SbA recognises the unique culture of skateboarding and nurtures this sport with distinct branding and management that reflects the needs of the Australian skateboarding community.

Supply Means Supply

Secondary supply of alcohol. Details the risks of supplying alcohol to under 18s.

Youth Action Policy Association NSW (YAPA)

YAPA is the peak community group working in the interests of young people and youth services in NSW. YAPA strives to achieve social justice for young people, including the appropriate provision of services for young people. YAPA is funded by the NSW Government but is independent of government and is not linked to any policy party or religious group.