Signs Policy

Policy 3.10 Version 3
Adopted 19 September 2017



  1. To clearly indicate street names, directions to local businesses, sporting facilities, community attractions and beaches for the benefit and safety of residents and visitors.
  2. Establish a cooperative signage process for local government, tourism and community service operators in accordance with the RMS Guidelines.
  3. Improve awareness and access to tourist activities and facilities for travellers.
  4. Ensure a high standard of coordinated and complementary directional signage.
  5. Ensure ease of navigation by using the most effective combination of tourist, services and facilities signs, and direction signs.
  6. Ensure directional signs within road reserves are visually acceptabl eand comply with technical standards.
  7. Rationalise signs to minimise the proliferation of signs through cooperation and consultation with affected sign owners.
  8. Ensure full cost recovery for application for Tourist and Community signs.

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