Collection Management Plan

Procedure 2.8.1 Version 1
Adopted 31 August 2012



  1. To provide a readily available and accessible Library service to meet the recreational and informational needs of the residents of the Kempsey Shire.
  2. The objectives of Kempsey Shire Council’s Collection Management Plan are:
    1. To ensure the Library’s collection meets the needs of the residents of the Kempsey Shire;
    2. To provide a guide to customers about what they can expect to find in the Library and inform them about the principles upon which selection are made;
    3. To set down the parameters of the collections;
    4. To support freedom of information;
    5. To provide a basis for the most effective use of available funds;
    6. To ensure that all parts of the collection are up-to-date, attractive and well maintained;
    7. To identify responsibility for collection development and provide staff with consistent guidelines for the development and maintenance of the collections;
    8. To provide popular and contemporary material including both fiction and non‑fiction in a wide range of formats;
    9. To provide resources for informal education by the provision of broadly based information and reference services;
    10. To provide reference services and in-house research collections for formal education at primary and secondary school level;
    11. To provide more in-depth research collections for Kempsey’s Local History;
    12. To provide a local government information service to elected Councillors and staff; and
    13. To provide services and collections that encourages and promotes the joys of reading in children and help foster research skills.

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