Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan

Procedure 3.1.7 Version 2
Adopted 19 July 2016



In 2015 grant funding was received under the Active Transport Program for the purpose of reviewing the existing Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan. The purpose of the grant was “to review the current Kempsey and South West Rocks Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan (2003) as well as including other Shire villages and pedestrian links between villages”.

The previous PAMP was developed in 2003 and covered Kempsey and South West Rocks. The proposed Work Schedules of Treatments for each area were prioritised and a proportion of identified treatments were funded during the period 2002 - 2008.

The development of a revised long term financial plan, which eliminated borrowings, significantly altered Council’s investment priorities in 2009. No further loans were taken and Council has been focusing on repaying debt to increase the overall amount of funding available for asset replacement (rather than servicing loans). Following the prioritisation of community demands all available funds were redirected towards refurbishment of the transport asset network.

This review and expansion of the PAMP will offer Council a strategic plan to develop pedestrian policies and an action plan to build pedestrian facilities. The PAMP will be a tool used by Council to coordinate investment in safe, convenient and connected pedestrian routes.

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