Your Future Macleay - Growth & Character - Local Strategic Planning Statement

July 2020

Cover of Your Future Macleay - Growth and Character - Local Strategic Planning Statement

This document is Kempsey Shire Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS). It considers our community’s economic, social, cultural and environmental land use needs over the next 20 years and is the key document informing the strategic direction of land use planning at the local level.

It has been shaped by our community and, with regular reviews, will continue to reflect our community’s aspirations. It also identifies future planning studies that are necessary to investigate and further develop the strategic directions contained in the LSPS.

The LSPS sets our 20-year vision for land use planning, which is reflected through a set of broad planning priorities. In turn, each planning priority contains a set of actions which are practical responses to deliver on these planning priorities. Moving into greater detail, the LSPS considers the character of areas within the Kempsey Shire, providing place planning priorities and corresponding actions.