General Manager & Directors

David Rawlings
General Manager

David Rawlings, General Manager

David is responsible for the effective management of the organisation, for the carrying out of Council’s policies and strategic objectives and for ensuring Council is provided with accurate and clear information in a timely manner to promote effective decision making.

Apart from overseering Council's entire operation, he actively administers Goal 4 of Council's Community Strategic Plan - To pursue beneficial relationships with regional neighbours and other levels of Government. This role involves developing partnerships, resource sharing, information sharing, and lobbying to improve the strategic position of Kempsey Shire.

Robert Pitt
Director Sustainable Environment

Robert Pitt, Director Sustainable Development

Robert oversees the administration of Goal 1 of Council's Community Strategic Plan - To facilitate ecological and ecnomical sustainable development in the Shire.

He is responsible for issues relating to the environment, building services, planning services, economic development and sustainability, airport, saleyards, tourism, caravan parks, beach patrols, environmental compliance, estuary management, coastal management, acid sulfate soils, vegetation management (including weed control), onsite sewerage management systems, public health matters, food premises inspections, companion animals and ranger services.

Kathy Oliver
Director Community Engagement

Kathy Oliver, Director Community Engagement

Kathy is responsible for the administration of Goal 2 of Council's Community Strategic Plan - To foster and enhance effective social, cultural and community relations building respect and civic pride.

This role includes managing the Customer First Centre, aged and disability services, cemeteries, library services, youth services, aboriginal services, community engagement, staff engagement, public relations, event management, community buildings, heritage issues, donations and contributions to community groups.

Robert Scott
Director Infrastructure Services

Robert Scott, Director Infrastructure Services

Robert is responsible for Goal 3 of Council's Community Strategic Plan - To plan and fund the Shire's infrastructure and service needs.

This involves the management of roads, bridges, pedestrian infrastructure, street lighting, private works, quarries, parks and open space, sporting grounds, swimming pools, boat ramps, beach foreshore, cemetery maintenance, flood mitigation, public toilets, stormwater, waste management, water and sewer services, asset and design functions.

Daryl Hagger
Director Corporate Management

Daryl Hagger, Director Corporate Management

Daryl is currently responsible for administering Goal 5 of Council's Community Strategic Plan - To ensure leadership and effective efficient accountable management.

This area includes finance services, rates, debt recovery, human resources, payroll, occupational health and safety, administrative functions, preparation of business papers and minutes, information technology and communications, fleet, depot, and records management and control.