Becoming a Councillor
NSW Local Council Elections - Saturday 10 September 2016

Would you like to find out more about becoming a Councillor?

A range of information is available for people interested in standing for election to Council.

Briefing sessions

Potential candidates can attend briefing sessions at Port Macquarie, Nambucca or Bellingen provided by the Office of Local Government.


Australian Election Company

Publications from the Office of Local Government

The following documents are available on the Office of Local Government’s website for people interested in standing for election to Council:

Election funding and disclosure requirements

The NSW Electoral Commission regulates and administers funding and disclosure laws in NSW. The laws seek to:

  • prevent corruption and undue influence of political parties and elected officials at State and local government elections
  • ensure compliance with election funding, expenditure and disclosure requirements
  • facilitate a fair and transparent election funding, expenditure and disclosure scheme
  • raise public awareness of the requirements for political donations and electoral expenditure
  • effectively administer public funding for elections and the administration of parties and members of Parliament

All persons interested in standing for election in September 2016 should familiarise themselves with the relevant regulations.

Candidates and groups can contact the NSWEC directly on 1300 022 011 or email if they have questions about registration or their election campaign finances.

New Council Election Laws contact information

Important new laws for Local Council elections

Important new laws promoting integrity in the Local Government electoral process commenced 1 July 2016.

There are three main changes effecting those participating in the upcoming Local Council Elections:

  • Caps on political donations - Effective 1 July, the caps are $5,900 for any political donation for the benefit of a registered party or a group, and $2,600 for any political donation for the benefit of an unregistered party, elected member, candidate or third-party campaigner.
  • Regulation of third-party campaigners - Individuals and entities that incur more than $2,000 in electoral communication expenditure during the Local Government expenditure period for a Local Council election must be registered with the NSWEC and appoint an official agent.
  • Political parties to keep a campaign account - Political parties that incur electoral expenditure for a Local Council election must keep a campaign account.

Don’t forget - candidates must first register before accepting political donations or incurring electoral expenditure.

Candidate enquiries

If you have a candidate enquiry please call the Australian Election Company on 1800 224 420.