Clause 300 (3) Notice of Contested Election - 10 September 2016
Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 under the Local Government Act 1993

Kempsey Shire Council

I, David Rawlings, Election Manager, Kempsey Shire Council Elections, notify that the candidates named below have been duly nominated for election to the office of the above Local Government as indicated below and that a poll for election to the said office will be conducted by ballot. Voting is compulsory for residential electors.

For the New South Wales Local Government elections being contested on 10 September 2016, a poll will be taken in Kempsey Shire Council Area, in respect of Mayor and 8 Councillors.

The information relating to the following is available at the Council’s office and on the Election Manager’s internet website.

Election candidates

The names of the candidates and persons who have been nominated as candidates for the election and the registered political parties of which they are members are:

Candidates for Mayor
Full name of candidate Names under which persons nominated as candidates
(Ballot paper name)
Names of political (if any) that must be printed adjacent to the name of any candidate “Independent” on the ballot papers
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth Anne CAMPBELL, Liz  
SAUL, Dean Francis SAUL, Dean Independent
Candidates for Councillor
Full name of candidate Names under which persons nominated as candidates
(Ballot paper name)
Names of political (if any) that must be printed adjacent to the name of any candidate “Independent” on the ballot papers
HAND, Juacynta Therese HAND, Juacynta Independent
PATTERSON, Anthony Paul PATTERSON, Anthony  
SAUL, Dean Francis SAUL, Dean Independent
MORGAN, Margaret Mary MORGAN, Margaret  
HAUVILLE, Leo John HAUVILLE, Leo Independent
BAXTER, Mark James BAXTER, Mark Independent
McGINN, Susan Elizabeth McGINN, Sue Independent
MORRIS, Bruce John MORRIS, Bruce Independent
WILLIAMS, Ashley John WILLIAMS, Ashley Independent
LATIMORE, Elliott John LATIMORE, Elliott  
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth Anne CAMPBELL, Liz  
ROWE, Stephen Cameron ROWE, Steve  
WYATT, Alexandra Dianne WYATT, Alexandra Independent
WOOD, Robert Murray WOOD, Rob Independent
SHIELDS, Anna Terese SHIELDS, Anna  
CHAPMAN, Peter Murray CHAPMAN, Peter  

Locations of pre-poll voting offices and the hours and days that the pre-poll voting offices will be open for pre-poll voting

Pre-poll voting will be available at the following offices during the times indicated:

Office Location Times office is open
Kempsey Returning Officer Office
Shop 2-4 Centre Point Arcade
14 Smith Street
Kempsey NSW 2440
Monday 29/8/16 to Thursday 1/9/16 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday 2/9/16 8:30am - 5pm
Monday 5/9/16 8:30am - 5pm
Tuesday 6/9/16 to Thursday - 8/9/16 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday 9/9/16 8:30am - 6:00pm
CWA Hall
47 Landsborough Street
South West Rocks NSW 2440
Wednesday 7/9/16 to Thursday 8/9/16, 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday 9/9/19, 8:30am - 6:00pm

Locations of polling places where the poll will be taken on Election Day 10 September 2016

Voting on Election Day on 10 September 2012 will be available at the following polling place locations. Voting will commence at 8:00am and close at 6:00pm.

Polling place premises Address Polling place name Accessibility
Aldavilla Primary School Sherwood Road Aldavilla Assisted
Bellbrook Public School 32-40 Main Street Bellbrook Assisted
Crescent Head Community Hall Baker Drive Crescent Head Assisted
Frederickton Public School Great North Road Frederickton Assisted
Gladstone Youth and Community Centre Kinchela Street Gladstone Assisted
Hat Head Community Centre 53 Straight Street Hat Head Assisted
Kempsey CWA Hall 3 John Street Kempsey Assisted
Kempsey East Public School 1 Innes Street East Kempsey Assisted
Kempsey High School Sea Street West Kempsey Assisted
Kempsey South Public School Cnr Queen Street & Harry Boyes Avenue South Kempsey Assisted
Kundabung Recreation & Public Hall River Road Kundabung Assisted
Melville Sport and Recreation Centre Nicholson Street South Kempsey Assisted
South West Rocks Public School 62-82 Gregory Street South West Rocks Assisted
Stuarts Point Community Hall Marine Parade Stuarts Point Assisted
Willawarrin Public School 85-91 Main Street Willawarrin Assisted

Further Information

Information relating to the election is available on Council’s website or by contacting the Returning Officer’s Office on (02 )6562 3350.

David Rawlings
Election Manager