Kempsey Shire Council Code of Meeting Practice
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Council gives notice of its intention to adopt a revised ‘Code of Meeting Practice’.

The object of this code is to provide for the convening and conduct of meetings of Kempsey Shire Council and of Committees of Council, where all members are Councillors. The provisions of this Code are based on the provisions of Office of Local Government Model Code of Meeting Practice for Local Councils in New South Wales.

Key changes to the Draft Code of Meeting Practice include:

  • The public forum is removed from the council meeting and instead will occur on the evening prior, preceding the pre-meeting briefing session. The forum will still be open to the public and take substantially the same format.
  • The establishment of council meeting dates by the code, rather than by resolution.
  • All business to be brought before a council meeting must be submitted eight clear business days prior to the meeting.
  • If the General Manager considers that a notice of motion submitted by a councillor for consideration at an ordinary meeting of the council has legal, strategic, financial or policy implications which should be taken into consideration by the meeting, then the General Manager may prepare a report in relation to the notice of motion for inclusion with the business papers for the meeting at which the notice of motion is to be considered by the council.
  • Motions, including mayoral minutes, for the expenditure of funds on works and/or services other than those already provided for in the council’s current adopted operational plan must identify the source of funding for the expenditure that is the subject of the notice of motion.
  • Pre-meeting briefing sessions are now governed by the code.
  • There are new provisions to cancel a meeting in the case of natural disaster.
  • There are new provisions to mandate the webcasting of council meetings.
  • There is a more streamlined order of business with most of the procedural matters we currently deal with at the commencement of a meeting removed; confirmation of minutes and
  • items passed by exception (otherwise known as the consensus motion) will be the only resolutions taken before the commencement of dealing with business.
  • The model code now recognises dealing with business by exception, also known as a consensus motion and provides a mechanism for doing this.
  • There are standing authorisation for chairpersons to expel persons from meetings without requiring a resolution of Council.
  • Rescission motions regarding a development consent must now be lodged within 1 business day.
  • There are new provisions to recommit resolutions to correct an error.
  • There are time limits placed upon council meetings.

A copy of the draft practice is available for viewing at Council’s Customer Service Centre or on Council’s website. Enquiries regarding the draft procedure should be made to Council’s Manager Governance and Information Services, Daniel Thoroughgood on 6566 3338.

Submissions relating to the revised draft practice are invited in writing addressed to the General Manager, Kempsey Shire Council, PO Box 3078 West Kempsey NSW 2440 or by email to up until 4:30pm Tuesday 23 April 2019.

Submissions will be considered by Council at its 21 May 2019 meeting and please note that any submissions received may be reproduced in full in Council’s Business Paper and published on Council’s website and accordingly will be treated as public.


Submissions close: 4:30pm Tuesday 23 April 2019