Stuarts Point Sewerage Scheme

Updated 11 February 2019

About the Scheme

Kempsey Shire Council has been granted $6.63 million in funding to help construct the Stuarts Point Sewerage Scheme under the NSW Government’s Regional Water and Waste Water Backlog Program.

Project update

Council is committed to delivering a modern wastewater management system to the communities of Stuarts Point, Grassy Head and Fishermans Reach.

Council and its consultants have been conducting a comprehensive options assessment which has required refining as details of technical, environmental and cultural constraints have been identified. This process is continuing with a focus on providing the most sustainable sewerage service to benefit and accommodate the needs of the whole community.

At the December 2018 meeting Council resolved to pursue the option of constructing a wastewater treatment plant near Stuarts Point, rather than the originally proposed pipe transfer to the South West Rocks plant.

The resolution now enables design and investigation work to progress, which is a key step forward in delivering this project. Once this work is complete, tenders will be able to be sought for completion of the detailed design and construction work. Based on a current estimate for delivery of the project, connection of properties to the sewerage scheme is scheduled to commence in mid-late 2023.

At this time Council also resolved to not continue charging residents an increased sewer connection fee as part of the funding model for the new scheme. Instead the fees and charges for the 2019-20 financial year will be septic inspection fees only.

Benefits of the project

The Scheme will have a positive environmental impact, eliminating odours and water quality issues associated with wet weather overflows due to the area’s shallow groundwater tables. It will be able to cope with the influx of visitors during the holiday season.

Many of the houses in the Stuarts Point/Grassy Head area are around 40 years old and their existing sewerage systems would not meet today’s requirements for treatment quality and treatment sizing. Construction of a sewerage scheme means these properties will avoid significant costs of bringing their individual systems up to compliant standards.

The sewerage scheme will cater for the visitor populations in the area’s caravan parks and to allow for additional property development.

It is anticipated that property values in the area will improve due to the sewerage scheme based on an increased land value, development potential and improved social benefits. The scheme is also anticipated to significantly improve capacity and operations for oyster growers in the area.

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