Verge and Eden Street Sporting Complex


Better sporting facilities and a capacity to host larger events will soon be a reality in Kempsey with Kempsey Shire Council securing a $10 million NSW Government grant for the Verge and Eden Street Sporting Complex. The successful grant application was accepted at the February Council meeting.

At the June 2019 Council meeting, Council resolved to adopt the Verge and Eden Street Sporting Complex Masterplan which reflected the needs and actions outlined in the Macleay Valley Sports Strategy which was adopted by Council in June 2017. Amongst other things, the Sports Strategy recommended a masterplan for the site to guide its development as the premier sports facility in the Local Government Area (LGA) and to address current utilisation issues. The masterplan was developed with all users involved in the design process and is consistent with the Strategy.

The masterplan includes many recommendations relating to the improvement of sport and recreation facilities at Verge and Eden Street Sporting Complex. The report outlines a strategic approach to the prioritisation of sport and recreation across the existing sporting complex based on consultation with sports user groups and an analysis of current and future trends in sport.

Key improvements under the Verge and Eden Street Sporting Complex Masterplan include:

  • reconfiguration of existing fields (including new turf wicket for cricket)
  • refurbishment of the existing grandstand
  • provision of three grass surface netball courts and 10 hard surface courts
  • new purpose-built clubhouse incorporating amenities and change rooms
  • new lighting to competition standard on all fields, netball courts and ancillary areas
  • recreation facilities including perimeter running path and fitness stations
  • field irrigation, drainage and resurfacing
  • expansion of car parking

The project will be completed through a phased roll out designed in part to accomodate ongoing usage, with a projected final completion in 2021.

September update

Running track

Designs are currently being completed for the approximately 1.2km length of running track, including exercise stations. Council has been working with local exercise physiologists to design fitness equipment which will benefit all users of the facility. Equipment being considered includes aerobic cycles, elliptical trainers, stretching stations, step ups, leg raises, balance beams, chest presses and other equipment. There will be a mix of equipment to suit beginners to more advanced levels of physical activities. Works are to begin in spring/summer 2020/21.


An architect has been engaged to commence designs for the multpurpose and netball pavilions in consultation with sporting clubs. DRA, located in Coffs Harbour, have been successful in their request for quotation to design both buildings. The main input will be from the users of the facilities to ensure their buildings can meet current and future needs.

As both facilities are located within a flood zone, a flood study has also been undertaken which will be incorporated into the designs. Once the designs have been completed, a tender will be called for construction of the buildings. It is anticipated both buildings will be completed by Christmas 2022.

Car parks

Five car parks are currently being designed in line with the adopted masterplan. Works are due to start on the Vincent Street, Verge Street and Verge Lane car parks in spring and summer 2020-21 including a new full basketball court. The new car park in Sydney Street will commence in line with the netball court redevelopment in September/October 2021.

Netball courts

Designs are underway for the redevelopment of the netball court facilities to include 11 hard stand courts and 2 grassed surfaces. Designs also include state of the art lighting to all hard court surfaces. These works are anticipated to start at the end of the netball season in September/October 2021.

Cricket wickets

Construction of the 2 turf wicket tables is due to start in October. The turf tables will both be 5 wicket tables and located on the current Verge 2 and athletics facilities at the sporting complex. This work is at Verge Street and not part of the Service Clubs Park Masterplan. It is anticipated the fields will be out of action for the full cricket season while the facilities have time to settle in readiness for the 2021-22 cricket season. A minor upgrade to Kemp Street cricket wicket will be undertaken to ensure there are enough cricket facilities for the Macleay Valley Cricket Association this season.


Water Wise Consulting have been engaged to undertake the design of a fully automated irrigation system for the entire sporting precinct. The designs will include non-potable water usage options, a weather station and fully automated irrigation control to each field. Once the designs are completed a tender will be undertaken for construction of the system. Timing of works will be considered with existing users of the site to ensure as little disruption as possible.

Cricket nets

Construction of the new cricket nets are due to start in October. This is additional to the funding for Verge and Eden Street. Cricket NSW in partnership with Council and the Macleay Cricket Association will construct a 6 lane state of the art cricket facility. Once the new facility is constructed the existing cricket nets will be removed making way for the new multipurpose pavilion.


A lighting design and construction tender is currently being prepared. The lighting will include sports field lighting to all sporting fields in line with the masterplan.


A scope for works to undertake minor upgrades to Verge 1 grandstand is being completed.

More information

For more information on the project phone Council’s Customer Service Centre on 6566 3200

Architect render of the Verge Street cricket netsA render of the completed Verge Street cricket nets