The Macleay Valley features excellent sporting facilities for all the family.

If you play sport, then we have many sporting facilities, these include four gold courses, swimming pool complexes, tennis courts, netball courts, soccer fields, baseball, hockey fields, rugby union and rugby league and more.

Venues are of a high standard with lights available for night competition and practice with on site facilities. The Macleay attracts state and regional competitions on a regular basis.

The Macleay Valley is home to many different sporting groups and organisations, including athletics, clay shooting, hockey, fishing, sailing, lawn bowling, archery, surfing, soccer and go cart racing.

The Macleay Valley is very serious about its sport. Facilities are improving and developing. The diversity of our sporting life also encompasses equestrian pursuits through to camp drafting and World Champion Bull Riders Jarrod Farley and Australian Bull Riding Champion Denny Farley.

Sport is an important aspect on the Macleay. The valley has nurtured Olympic, national, state and international sport stars such as:

  • Olympic Water Polo player Sam McGregor
  • Para Olympic Amy Winters, Terry Giddy, Ted Bray and Mark Altman
  • Olympic and Australian Swimming FNA Referee Janelle Barnett
  • Freestyle Kits World Champion Warren Macintosh
  • World Supersport Motor Bike Champion rider Andrew Pitt
  • World Champion Surf Board riders Jodie Barsby, Sam Cornish and Dave Simons
  • Australian Indoor Cricketer Ellen Rostan
  • All Australian Netball Umpire Louise McMeeking
  • Australian Netballer Kimberly Borger
  • Australian Swimmer Leith Brodie
  • International Golfer Matthew Zions
  • Australian Power Lifting Champion John Myers
  • Touch Football player Ricky Morris
  • Rugby League players John Elford, Darrel Chapman, Amos Roberts and Wayne Bartrim
  • Champion boxers the Sand brothers and Lloyd Hudson