Northern River Catchment Management Authority

The Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority (NRCMA) is a driving force in natural resource management. This statutory authority and its board reports directly to the Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water. The NRCMA board is made up of an independent chair, Judy Henderson, and board members selected from the community.

The issues in natural resource management on the north coast that face the NRCMA are many and varied. It is the responsibility of the NRCMA to connect with the community and build on the work that has already been achieved.

Among the functions the NRCMA will be leading our community in are:

  • Preparing a Catchment Action Plan (CAP) and associated investment strategies that integrate and enhance the Catchment Blueprints and the regional vegetation management plans;
  • Managing incentive programs to implement the CAP;
  • Providing all landholders with access to data and relevant information to prepare Property Vegetation Plans (PVPS);
  • Allocating funds to support the development of PVPs - including incentives; and
  • Providing education and training on natural resource management, especially in vegetation management.