Kempsey – Food and related infrastructure maps
A collaboration

A vital tool for any organisation or group aiming to improve the food intake, physical activity and health of the community.

About the project

As a result of an exciting and extensive geomapping project, the Australian Red Cross, Many Rivers Diabetes Prevention Program (University of Newcastle and Durri ACMS) and Kempsey Shire Council have collaborated to produce a series of interactive web based maps of Kempsey and the Kempsey Local Government Area. These maps provide detailed snapshots of existing community infrastructures overlaid on SEIFA areas represented by colour. Every geographic area in Australia has a SEIFA number which shows how disadvantaged that area is compared with other areas nationally. Other data included on the maps include:

  • Location of food outlets
  • Transport routes
  • Schools
  • Emergency food relief
  • Physical activity sites
  • Healthy market basket sites
  • Food desert buffer zones
  • Alcohol outlets

Using the maps

In order to view the data that directly relates to the accessibility and availability of a healthy food basket in Kempsey, it is not necessary to have all the available map data visible.

The layers useful to leave visible are listed in the table below.

Useful layers to leave visible
Data Legend Information
Healthy Food Basket stores Green dot or green flower*
Green flower icon
Stores that meet the criteria of the VHFB# having all the food groups available and meeting the nutritional requirements of 4 family types over 2 weeks, providing >80% of the Nutrient Reference Values and ≥95% of energy requirements.
Healthy Food Basket buffer Green line
Green line
By measuring a radius from each of the Healthy Food Basket stores, a buffer line was drawn. From the edge of the buffer, it is easy to access a healthy food basket store ie. it is within 1km walking distance. Beyond this buffer are areas described as being ‘food deserts’.
Emergency food provision SOS
SOS icon
This includes services that may provide access to food vouchers, food parcels, meal vouchers, community gardens, community centres, soup kitchens and/or subsidised meal delivery.
Takeaway stores Bag of hot chips
Bucket of chips icon
Indicates where takeaway foods and meals may be purchased but does not include restaurants (but does include 3 service stations that serve hot foods).
SEIFA  1st decile - yellow
2nd decile - orange
3rd decile - pink
4th decile - light blue
The differently coloured areas define relative socio-economic disadvantage in terms of people’s access to material and social resources, and their ability to participate in society. The SEIFA scores (determined by census collection district) are represented as deciles; 1st decile having the highest level of disadvantage.
Bus routes Blue line
Blue line icon
Public transport access (does not indicate frequency of service)
*icon may appear differently on some computers
# The Victorian Healthy Food Basket (VHFB) tool was used to collect information on the cost, availability and accessibility of a healthy basket of foods. Palermo C. Wilson A. Development of a healthy food basket for Victoria. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. 2007; 31: 360-3.

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