Hat Head Flood Levee Audit
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Cover of Hat Head Flood Levee Audit

The Audit of the Hat Head Levee System forms part of a widespread audit of the entire Lower Macleay Flood Levee System.

The village of Hat Head is located at the mouth of Korogoro Creek, 32 kilometres east of Kempsey.

Korogoro Creek forms part of the flood mitigation and drainage system for the Belmore-Kinchela area of the Lower Macleay River floodplain.

The Hat Head flood mitigation system comprises the following works:

  1. Floodgates on a 9 cell box culvert (3000 wide and 1800 high) across Korogoro Creek at Hat Head Road approximately 3 kilometres upstream of Hat Head Village
  2. A Control Levee fitted with 7 control box culverts (2400 wide and 1800 high) and gates constructed across Korogoro Creek between the coastal and inner sand dunes. The levee is constructed approximately 2 kilometres upstream of the village.
  3. An emergency overflow spillway known as Rowes Cut excavated through the coastal sand dunes some 300 metres upstream of the Control Levee.
  4. Flood Levees on both sides of Korogoro Creek through Hat Head village – known as the town levee and the South West Levee.

The locations of the levees investigated as part of this Audit are shown in the Plan in Appendix 1.