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Clybucca (Klybucca) was first mentioned in Major Oakes’ Journal of 1841. George Hebden and Charles Spencer were the lessees, Hebden being the Superintendent. Major Oakes was the Commissioner for Crown Land and he was on an inspection of Crown Leases. He noted that there was a weatherboard house, slab huts, stock yards and some of the paddocks were fenced. Cedar brushes were still standing and the house was 8 miles (13 kilometres) from the nearest settlement.

No other entry was made for Klybucca in Oakes’ Journal and the only reference for the station for the next few years is the actual position, which Clement Hodgkinson noted on a survey map and which was to become the Parish of Barraganyatti (1841).

As a pastoral run there is little known and recorded about Clybucca. Land Titles Office records show Charles Spencer registered as a landholder in 1862 in the Parish of Clybucca and Hebden is also listed in that year.

By the early 1880s the land at Clybucca had been subdivided into smaller farm blocks which in turn brought families with school age children to the region.

The Clybucca School opened as a Provincial School in 1885 and operated as a Public School from 1891 to 1970.

Clybucca School c1924
Clybucca School c1924

Source and photos: Courtesy of the Macleay River Historical Society