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Jerseyville was named in 1891 after the Earl of Jersey, Governor of New South Wales 1891-1893. Prior to this it had been known as Robinson’s Wharf, Spencer’s Creek and Pelican Island.

In 1869 George Robinson had acquired land where Jerseyville now stands. He subdivided part of his land in 1886 to form a township. Robinson and his brother started a river-boat service between his farm wharf and Kempsey hence the name Robinson’s Wharf. The wharf was the first important stop for steamers after entering the Macleay River. The wharf became a public wharf and it was here that passengers disembarked for South West Rocks.

Jerseyville Ferry (undated)
Jerseyville Ferry (undated)

Source and photos: Courtesy of the Macleay River Historical Society

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