Macleay Valley flood update # 6

Media release - 2:00pm 24 March 2018

Water levels in the Macleay River continue to fall and the peak has now largely dissipated below Kempsey under tidal influence.

Roads affected by flooding

Not all roads have been checked but it is expected that:

  • Bellbrook, Toorooka, Temagog, Turners Flat and Sherwood Bridges all remain closed. It is not possible to predict with certainty when they will emerge but likely to start late this afternoon.
    Do not cross while ever there is water on any of the bridges.
  • Dungay Creek causeway is closed
  • Gladstone Street, West Kempsey railway underpass is closed
  • Queen Street, South Kempsey is open
  • Saleyards Road, North Kempsey is closed
  • Euroka Road/Theresa Street at Euroka are closed
  • Maria River Road is closed
  • Old Aerodrome Road - no report
  • Collombatti Road - water over road - caution
  • Crescent Head Road at Rudders Lagoon is now clear of water

There may be water over or adjacent to other roads - proceed with caution

River levels

Location Gauge reading (m) Time (Daylight Savings) Trend
Georges Creek 2.68 1:00pm Falling
Bellbrook 3.10 1:39pm Falling
Toorooka 3.81 1:42pm Falling
Turners Flat 4.04 1:00pm Falling
Sherwood Bridge 3.92 1:21pm Falling
Kempsey Traffic Bridge 2.54 1:40pm Falling - peaked at 3.85m at 5:00pm yesterday
Belmore River Entrance 0.39 1:29pm Falling - may rise again on high tide
  • Flood gates on Kinchela Creek, Belmore River, Euroka Creek and Christmas Creek are closed
  • Flood relief gates at Kinchela Creek and Belmore River closed
    Relief gates will not need to be opened

Next report will be issued by 8:00pm on 24 March 2018