Macleay community tackles litter

Community life - 22 May 2018

Macleay Valley residents are pitching in to keep our community clean, with 50 Picitup litter kits collected over the past two months.

Kempsey Shire Council’s General Manager, Craig Milburn, collected the 50th kit from Council’s Customer Service Centre this week and is ready to do his bit to tackle litter in the local area.

“It’s great to see a growing number of community members getting behind the Picitup program and volunteering their time to pick up rubbish,” Mr Milburn said.

“People are using the kits to pick up rubbish on their daily walks, on weekend family outings or group clean-up days.

“Litter is not only unsightly, it is also damages our natural environments, harms wildlife and sea creatures, can injure people and makes our spaces less healthy. Cleaning up litter also costs ratepayers a lot of money.

“The most common litter types are drink bottles and takeaway containers, as well as cigarette butts which leach toxic chemicals into our environment and waterways.”

The Picitup kits include a handmade Boomerang shoulder-bag, four litter sacks, two pairs of gloves and a booklet.

The booklet includes information for litter clean ups, safety tips and a data form to record the amount and type of litter collected. It also includes information about how to report illegal dumping and littering to the EPA.

Council’s Waste Education Officer, Gavin Hughes, said the data is provided to MIDWASTE Regional Waste Forum to inform future litter prevention programs.

“The information collected also helps Council review litter hotspots and consider the possible installation of additional bins, signage or covert cameras to prevent littering in the future,” Mr Hughes said.

Residents are reminded that litter collected should then be placed in public or household red bins, not taken to waste transfer stations.

The Picitup kits are available at Council’s Customer Service Centre, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey.

Council's General Manager Craig Milburn with the 50th Picitup kitCouncil”s General Manager Craig Milburn with the 50th Picitup kit