Water main renewal programs

Community life release - 29 May 2018

Regular inspections and maintenance of water mains is essential for water systems to continually operate at maximum efficiency and to ensure that residents are provided with clean drinking water.

Kempsey Shire Council’s Acting Manager of Water Operations, Lalji Rathod, said Council’s commitment to maintaining the water infrastructure network is reflected in the volume of work in the current Operating Plan.

“Regular maintenance of the network is done in various ways, through inspections, cleaning, repairs, servicing and renewing infrastructure where required,” Mr Rathod said.

“Council recently engaged Flow-Max Australia to assist in carrying out a maintenance program of water mains in the Lower Macleay area.

“The program, which involved a swabbing technique to thoroughgoingly clean the inside of the pipelines, focussed on water mains on South West Rocks Road, Kinchela and Hat Head Roads.”   

Mr Rathod said Council replaces water mains when they are near or beyond their design life to ensure that there are minimal water interruptions for residents.  

“Water construction crews recently completed the replacement of a 400-metre section of a 200mm water main at Stuarts Point with pipes in Second Avenue, between Third and Ninth Avenues, also replaced,” Mr Rathod said.

“A section of a 200mm water main on South West Rocks Road, either side of Kinchela Bridge, is also progressively being replaced by our water teams.”

Work achieved this financial year includes the replacement of water mains on Elbow Street, Wide Street and Sherwood Road. The bracketing system, holding the existing water main on the side of the Jerseyville Bridge, was also recently reinstated.

The new brackets will assist with stabilising the existing water main and as a result, assist in avoiding any unplanned water supply outage to customers.

The next focus for water construction crews will be the first stage of water main renewal on Macleay Valley Way at Clybucca.

Water main repair works on Jerseyville BridgeCouncil water crews recently reinstated brackets on the Jerseyville Bridge to stabilise water mains