Mayor Liz Campbell

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Week commencing 17 April 2017Mayor Liz Campbell

Spreading the message on waste service changes

Our new three bin waste service will start from July 1, with the green bin collected weekly and the red and yellow bins collected on alternating fortnights. Council have recently been busy letting the community know about the changes and how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

This proactive communication has involved sending an information flyer to all residents with a waste service, working with real estate agents and unit owners to reach those residents who rent as well as newspaper and radio advertising. Another important part of the work has been taking the waste information trailer out to shopping centres, markets and outlying villages.

The seven week waste trailer program will mean Council staff will have talked with almost 1000 people, showing them the new bin sizes and answering questions. Those common questions and discussion topics have then been updated on Council’s website and social media sites to help get the message out more broadly.

A big focus of the work has been showing the community the best ways to sort our rubbish and make the three bin system work successfully. Audits of the rubbish collected through the current system show we can create space in the red bins and reduce waste going to landfill simply by making sure that food and garden waste is placed in the green bin. The audit showed that 50% of red bin contents could have gone in the green bin.

From the feedback the team have received we know the majority of people are aware of the changes coming and understand the environmental and financial reasons behind it. For around 70% of residents the new system will mean they will pay less but have more bin space available per fortnight.

Everyone please keep an eye on the newspapers and Council’s website for the next step in the changeover – the delivery of three new bins to more than 12,000 households, starting in early May.

Standard Service info trailer display