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  Estuary Management
  Kempsey Water Cycle The water cycle is depicted below.

Kempsey Water Cycle


Kempsey Waste Receival
and Disposal Facility (pps)
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  Macleay River Floodplain Project
  Water Services
  Population Profile Population Profile 2005
  State of Environment State of the Environment Report 2007 - Supplementary Report
    State of the Environment Report 2006 - Supplementary Report
    State of the Environment Report 2005 - Supplementary Report
    State of the Environment Report 2004 - Comprehensive Report
  Steuart McIntyre Dam Dam detail
    Large map
    Schematic layout of dam
  Waste Management
    Fact Sheet - Waste Management - General Waste
  Water Quality Data
  Water Quality Monitoring - Acid Sulfate Soil Hot Spot Remediation Program
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