Impounded animals
Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000154

The Kempsey Pound is located at Frederickton and is managed by Kempsey Shire Council. It is provided as a service to residents in the Kempsey Shire for lost, surrendered or unclaimed cats and dogs.

The pound keeps animals safe and protected until an owner can be located. If your dog or cat has been impounded by Council, you should contact Council’s Customer Service Centre as soon as possible.

Prior to the release of an impounded animal, you will need to complete release documents and pay a release fee which covers boarding and food for the impounded period. If the impounded animal is not registered, microchipping and registration fees will be payable before release.

Impounded animals will be released by appointment between 8:30am-3pm, Monday to Friday. To make an appointment or for further information, please phone Council’s Customer Service Centre on 6566 3200

Adopting an animal

If an owner of an impounded animal cannot be located or if an animal is surrendered to the pound, Council offers an adoption service of these animals. By adopting a dog or cat from the pound, you are giving an animal in need a much deserved second chance.  Pet ownership, however, is a commitment that should be carefully considered. Council takes every step possible to ensure that impounded animals are adopted into safe, secure and loving forever homes.


Desexed animals have a cheaper registration fee. Anyone wishing to have their animal desexed before release are required to obtain a desexing quote and have the animal booked in to a Kempsey vet clinic. You will pay the desexing fees directly to the nominated vet.

Once the microchip and registration fees are paid to Council the animal will be delivered by a Council Ranger to the nominated vet for desexing as arranged by you.

The Kempsey vets are:

  • Macleay Valley Vet Clinic - 42 Belgrave Street, Kempsey. Ph: 6562 7391
  • Kempsey Vet Clinic - 68 Smith Street, Kempsey. Ph: 6562 4962

Further information

Under the Companions Animals Act 2008 impounded animals are held for following periods:

  • 7 days if not microchipped
  • 14 days if microchipped

Please note that although the Animals Impounded list on this page updates frequently, there is a chance that the animal you are interested in might have been claimed or adopted.

Early microchipping and registration is highly recommended as well as a collar with tag showing the dogs contact details. Please ensure contact details are updated to enable the safe return of animals to owners in the shortest possible time.

Dog pound location

Aerial view of Frederickton Interchange showing entrance to the dog pound

The road to the dog pound leads off from the northern roundabout of the Frederickton interchange.

Animal cruelty

All neglect or cruelty to animals should be reported directly to the RSPCA - ph: 9770 7555

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