Background to service changes

Kempsey Shire Council is committed to helping our community to waste less and recycle more.

Some of the challenges we face as a community include:

  • keeping waste management costs affordable into the future as disposal costs and waste levies continue to rise
  • preserving the life of the last remaining landfill in Kempsey Shire
  • ensuring the best outcomes for our community and our environment

If we do nothing, waste costs will continue to rise. One of the easiest ways for us to keep costs down for the community is to make sure all our waste goes to the right place.

Council’s 10 year waste collection contract is coming to an end. A new service will begin from 1 July 2017, aimed at increasing recycling, reducing the amount of waste going to the local landfill and keeping costs down for the community.

The new waste collection service means the size of the bins and how often they are collected will change. For the majority of residents the cost of the new service will be less than what you are currently paying, and most households will have more space for their waste over a fortnight.

Did you know?

Disposing of waste in the red bin is more than twice as expensive as using the yellow or green bins, thus the key reason for implementing changes that help us all to sort and save.

A recent bin audit showed, on average:

  • only 30% of the waste in the red bin was in the right place - that means 70 % of our waste could have been diverted from landfill
  • 20% of our red bin contents was actually recycling that should have gone in the yellow bin
  • 50% of red bin contents could have gone in the green bin as compostable food and garden waste
  • 6,100 tonnes of red bin waste is collected annually
  • the current State waste levy charge for putting it in landfill costs our community around $475,000 each year

We can all make a big difference by making small changes at home. Council is committed to helping residents better manage their household waste for the benefit of our entire community.

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