Green bin - food & garden organics

Let’s get our scrap together

When your food scraps go in your green lidded bin it gets turned into professionally made compost which helps local farmers grow more food.

Did you know your green bin takes the following:

  • Milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Grass, leaves and garden prunings
  • Bones, meat and fish
  • All fruit and vegetable scraps

So come on Kempsey Shire, let’s get our scrap together!

Green bin - sort and save

What can and cannot go in your green bin

The 240 litre green lidded food and garden organics bin is collected weekly and available to residents and premises in areas bounded as urban as per Council’s rates section.

You can check your green bin collection day using our bin collection calendar.

For organics collection questions contact the Waste Hotline on 1300 342 207

The green bin is for all food and garden waste, even things you can’t compost at home. By sorting all food and garden waste into the green bin we can reduce our impact on the environment and keep waste service costs down.

What can go in your green bin?

  • all food waste and scraps
  • meat, bones, chicken, fish, shellfish
  • fruit and vegetable peels
  • leftovers and plate scrapings
  • bread, dairy, citrus and onions
  • teabags, coffee grounds
  • shredded paper, paper towel and serviettes
  • garden waste: lawn clippings and weeds (no dirt)
  • small sticks
  • small non-treated timber offcuts
  • prunings and flowers

What cannot go in your green bin?

  • no plastic bags
  • no food packaging or recyclables
  • no soils or rocks
  • no large branches, stumps or building waste
  • no treated timber
  • no kitty litter, manure or animal droppings
  • Household problem wastes

Household problem wastes

Household problem wastes include unused paint, old smoke detectors, polystyrene, batteries (both household & car), fluoro light globes and tubes, motor and other oils, electronic waste, gas bottles and fire extinguishers. Our Community Recycling Centre and Mobile Community Recycling Centre offer a free and easy solution for the disposal of household problem waste.

Helpful hints

  • use your kitchen caddy and compostable bag system
  • don't completely fill your bin with heavy lawn clippings
  • the weight limit is 60 kg
  • shake off any dirt before placing garden material in bin
  • bulky garden waste can be taken to a Council waste facility for a small fee

What happens to your food and garden waste?

Food and garden material in the green bin is recycled at an organics recycling facility at Cairncross. It is mulched, then composted to produce a nutrient rich soil conditioner product.

Garden waste cycleGarden waste cycle