Ideas & information

Waste ideas and information

Reducing waste at home

We can all make a big difference by making small changes at home.

  • select products with less packaging (or anything in reusable or recyclable material)
  • support locally available produce using reusable bags and containers
  • choose recycled material products (eg recycled paper for office, kitchen, toilet)
  • buying quality allows long use, resale or gifting to friends/family/charity
  • purchase reusable mugs or drink bottles over single use disposable containers
  • make rubbish free lunches with fresh ‘nude-foods’, reusable containers and cutlery
  • place ‘no junk mail’ signage on your letterbox

Never put these things in your bins

These items pose problems for people, equipment and the environment. It is an offence to put them into your kerbside bins. Many are accepted free at the Waste Management Centre (WMC)

  • all liquid wastes - paint, oil, chemicals to WMC
  • building and construction wastes - metal, concrete, bricks, timber, rubble to WMC
  • automotive parts - tyres, batteries, metals to WMC
  • heavy or small particle items - rocks, thick wood, soil to WMC
  • hazardous waste - toxic and household chemicals, asbestos, paints, thinners to WMC
  • radioactive materials - fire alarms, smoke detectors to WMC
  • hot ashes - cool off before putting on garden beds or into compost
  • medical waste - pharmaceuticals back to local chemist for special disposal
  • gas cylinders - to WMC
  • flares or ammunition
  • electronic waste - TVs, PCs, mobile phones, batteries to WMC
  • needles and syringes