Other wastes

Not all household waste can be put in your kerbside bins.

Free to drop off to waste facilities

Council offers many free services to our community for recycling and safe disposal, saving valuable landfill space.

drumMUSTER - Empty chemical containers

drumMUSTER logo

One of the greatest problems facing users of crop production and animal health products is the disposal of empty chemical containers.

drumMUSTER is a national program for the collection and recycling of empty, triple-rinsed, non-returnable crop production and animal health chemical containers.

Bookings are essential

This a free service but prior bookings for an appointment time are required. The usual day for receival is the last Friday of each month. Please contact the Waste Management Centre on 02 6562 2402 to make an appointment.

Your community thanks you for doing the right thing and helping properly recycle this resource. Incineration is illegal as it is toxic to us, our soil, water and air.

Find out more at www.drummuster.com.au 

MobileMuster - Mobile phone recycling

MobileMuster logo

MobileMuster is the official national recycling program of the mobile phone industry in Australia. Over 90% of mobile phone components can be recycled into valuable resources that help make new products more affordable into the future.

To find your nearest collection point visit www.mobilemuster.com.au/recycle-a-mobile 

Kempsey Shire Council tries to make it easy to recycle unwanted mobile phones. Most of our key sites have free MobileMuster recycling options available:

  • collection bins at our Civic Centre reception, all local libraries and all waste transfer stations
  • prepaid postage satchels are available at both our Tourist Information Centres and any Australia Post Office
Find out more at www.mobilemuster.com.au