Recycle right!

Recycle right! It’s never been so important

The recycling industry is under increasing pressure as countries like China are tightening their import restrictions and are only accepting high quality recyclables. That means it’s never been more important to recycle right.

We need to cut contamination in our recycling bins to:

  • keep costs low
  • make sure more is recycled
  • reduce the amount of waste going to our landfill

If you’re wondering what’s happening with recycling and what can we do about it, watch this quick video from our waste contractor Cleanaway:

Join Plastic Free July!

Making one small change now can make an enormous difference to the planet in the long term. Council staff are joining the Plastic Free July movement, and you can too!

Take the Plastic Free July pledge to reduce your plastic consumption for one month. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll be able to make the switch for good.

Plastic Free July logo

Try the Top 4 challenge:

  • stop buying plastic water bottles and refill a reusable bottle instead
  • cut out plastic shopping bags by using a canvas or cloth bag
  • refuse single-use straws, we don’t need them
  • take your own reusable coffee cup to the cafĂ©

To learn more about the problem with plastics watch Cleanaway’s video:

Yes in Yellow!

These recyclables belong in our yellow bins:

  • steel, tin, aluminium cans, including empty aerosols
  • clear, brown and green glass bottles and jars
  • plastic bottles and containers
  • cardboard boxes
  • newspapers, magazines, office paper and junk mail

Remember to recycle right!

  • plastic wrap must be removed from newspapers and magazines
  • take the lid off and be sure there’s no food or liquid inside
  • don’t put recyclables into a box or bag, leave them loose

Yellow no go

Stop putting these things in the yellow bin!

  • No plastic bags or soft plastics - red bin or take to Coles/Woolies REDcycle
  • No nappies - red bin
  • No Tetrapaks or aluminium food trays - red bin
  • No food or general waste - red bin (unpackaged food into weekly green bin)
  • No plastic toys - red bin
  • No polystyrene or foam - red bin or take to any Kempsey Shire waste facility as we have a special recycling machine to deal with this problem waste
  • No batteries of any kind (especially high-powered batteries from power tools, mobile phones and computers and toys as they can cause fires) - take them to the Community Recycling Centre (CRC), CRC trailer or any waste facility for special recycling
  • No wire or electrical cords - take them to any waste facility as scrap metal free
  • No shredded paper - small amounts can go in your green bin
  • No light bulbs, mirrors, window glass or drinking glass - red bin
  • No ceramics, pyrex or pottery - red bin

Reduce, reuse and refuse

Recycling is good, but reducing, reusing and refusing is even better!

Here are our top tips for being waste wise:

  • choose products with less packaging
  • buy in bulk
  • shop with your own reusable bags and containers
  • carry your own reusable coffee cups and drink bottles
  • put a ‘no junk mail’ sign on your letterbox
  • make litter-free lunches with reusable containers and cutlery
  • buy better quality products that last longer
  • sell, give away or donate unwanted items
  • choose recycled material products (eg recycled paper for office, kitchen, toilet)