Red bin - rubbish

Red bin - sort and save

What can and cannot go in your red bin

All residents have either a 140 litre or 240 litre red lidded rubbish bin, collected fortnightly.

You can check your red bin collection day using our bin collection calendar.

For rubbish collection questions contact the Waste Hotline on 1300 342 207

What can go in your red bin?

  • household general waste
  • plastic bags
  • non-recyclable items
  • nappies, pet waste, kitty litter
  • foam, polystyrene (can be recycled for free at a Community Recycling Centre)
  • light globes, mirrors, ceramics, cookware, drinking glasses

What cannot go in your red bin?

  • no bricks, heavy timber or steel
  • no paint, chemicals, liquids or motor oil
  • no garden waste
  • no medical waste or syringes
  • Household problem wastes

Household problem wastes

Household problem wastes include unused paint, old smoke detectors, polystyrene, batteries (both household & car), fluoro light globes and tubes, motor and other oils, electronic waste, gas bottles and fire extinguishers. Our Community Recycling Centre and Mobile Community Recycling Centre offer a free and easy solution for the disposal of household problem waste.

Helpful hints

  • number your bin to protect against loss or theft
  • do not place items beside or on top of bin, or jam rubbish in as it may get stuck
  • no not overload your bin, maximum weight is 60kg
  • think of your red rubbish bin as a last resort – can you recycle, compost, donate or sell instead?

Where does your rubbish go?

The contents of your red rubbish bin are sent to the local landfill on Crescent Head Road. We should all do our best to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

Some of the potential environmental and public health issues related to landfill include:

  • increasing management costs for the community
  • loss of resources
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • water contamination
  • dust and odour issues
  • noise issues
  • land availability
Waste hierarchy diagram