Water saving tips

Saving water inside…

Timer in bathroom

In the bathroom

  • Try to limit your shower to four minutes: Each minute you save in the shower saves between 9 and 20 litres of water - depending on your showerhead. This could save a minimum of 15,000 per year.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth: Brushing your teeth twice a day with the tap running can use over 4,000 litres per person per year.

In the toilet

Toilet bowl and cistern
  • A leaking toilet wastes up to 16,000 litres per year: To check if your toilet has a leak, put a little food dye in the cistern. Wait 15 minutes (don't flush) and check the water in the bowl. If the colour appears in the bowl the cistern needs immediate repair.
  • Consider replacing older toilets with modern 6/3L or 4.5/3L dual flush toilets: A family of four can save over 35,000 litres each year. And only use the full flush when you need it.
  • If you cannot afford a new toilet: Install a cistern eight that lets you control how much water is being flushed.
  • Look at installing a cistern displacement bag: This can save up to 1.8 litres of water per full flush.
Aerator being attached to faucet

At the tap

  • That dripping tap can waste about 20,000 litres per year: A dripping tap can often be fixed by just changing the washer.
  • To save even more money: Install flow controllers and aerators in all taps and plumbing fixtures - they're an inexpensive way to save water and can be installed by any handy person or your local plumber.
Dishwasher being loaded

In the kitchen

  • Use the plug when rinsing vegetables or dishes: A running tap can use between 9 and 20 litres of water per minute.
  • Rinse recyclables in your wash water: Instead of rinsing them separately, rinse recyclables in the sink after you've finished with the dishes.
  • Only run the dishwasher with a full load: A full wash cycle can use between 10 and 30 litres of water per load, depending on the machine. Use the rinse and hold setting in between full loads.
Front loading washing machine

In the laundry

  • Depending on the model, a top loading washing machine can use more than 120 litres of water per cycle: Wait until you have a full load before washing. Always adjust the water level to suit the size of the load.
  • When the time comes to replace your washing machine: Choose a modern 4 star (or better) front loader - they can cut your water use by 50%.

In the pipes

  • Leaking pipes can waste a lot of water - particularly if they are underground and the leak is not noticed: Check the dials on your wateron your water meter when no water is being used. Overnight is a good time to do this test. If any of the dials have moved you may have a leak and should contact a plumber.
How to save over 50 litres of water per day
Activity Approximate cost Estimated saving
Reduce shower time by two minutes $0 18 litres per day
Three star water efficient showerhead (save $100+ pa) $20-$85 Up to 45 litres per day
Use an aerator and place a bucket in the sink while waiting for hot water $6 9 litres per minute
Use a bucket in the shower while waiting for hot water $1 9 litres per minute
Fix a dripping tap in your home $1-$5 5-50 ;itres per day
Use a Fixaflush or Waterwizz cistern weight for manual flush time $12 10 litres per day
Fix a leaking toilet in your home $5-$20 5-100 litres per day
Four star front loading washing machine $500-$2,000 57 litres per day
5,000 litre rainwater tank connected to toilet and garden $3,000-$4,000 50+ litres per day
Buy or convert a water efficient urinal at work $1,500 275 litres per day/urinal