Land use planning & policies

Council’s land use policies and strategies provide a broad direction for the sustainable growth and development of Kempsey Shire.

Local Strategic Planning Statement

Your Future Macleay: Growth and Character – Local Strategic Planning Statement(PDF, 10MB) sets Council’s 20-year vision for land use planning, which is reflected through a set of broad planning priorities.  

Local Growth Management Strategy

The Local Growth Management Strategy(PDF, 2MB) guides the development of sustainable residential communities in the shire.

Community Infrastructure Strategy

The Macleay Valley Community Infrastructure Strategy(PDF, 7MB) is a 20-year plan that seeks to respond to our community needs, demographic profile, local values and aspirations as well as the role and characteristics of our diverse townships.

Kempsey Shire Rural Residential Land Release Strategy

The Rural Residential Land Release Strategy(PDF, 31MB) sets out a number of objectives relating to Council’s management of population and housing growth.

More information

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Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013

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Development contributions plans

Variations to Development Standards Register