Flood structures have been reopened as normal

Published on 14 October 2022

Bridge river flood update generic graphic

The Macleay River was rising due to rainfall in the catchment around 9 October.

The minor rise has now passed through the Lower Macleay with minimal impacts experienced and normal tidal conditions are being experienced.

As a result, the flood relief and cross over gates have been returned to their normal positions.


Bellbrook Bridge is OPEN

Temagog Bridge is OPEN

Toorooka Bridge is OPEN

Turners Flat Bridge is OPEN

Sherwood Bridge is OPEN 

Residents that rely on the bridges that cross the Macleay River or those on low lying land should monitor the situation and act appropriately.


Council CLOSED flood structures on Monday 10 October 2022 as a precaution.

These were REOPENED on Friday 14 October.

Floodgates on Kinchela Creek, Belmore River, Christmas Creek and Euroka Creek are OPEN

Flood relief gates at Kinchela Creek and Belmore River are OPEN