May Council meeting wrap up

Published on 21 May 2024


Waste vouchers, alterations to the Slim Dusty Centre, $34,000 in community grants, and the organisation's performance in the third quarter of the financial year are on the agenda for the May ordinary meeting of Council.

You can read the detailed agenda and reports in the business papers and a video of the meeting can be viewed on Council's YouTube page

2023-24 Quarter Three Corporate Performance Report

The meeting received the third quarterly report for this financial year. The Quarterly Budget review was adopted, with changes approved including a budget surplus that is $1.7M better than the current revised budget surplus of $4.6M. The $1.7M increase is due to both an increase in income and a decrease in operating expenditure. 

Councillors also noted the progress achieved in applying the Delivery Program and the Operational Plan, which details the activities, along with the associated performance measures and budgets, which are planned to be delivered over the 2023-24 financial year.

The Financial Sustainability program status report, Key Performance Indicators report, Grants Status summary, and the Payment of Expenses to Councillors report were also noted by Councillors.

For more information on these documents, check out our Council meeting agenda wrap story or download the full documents through our Business Papers.

Community Grants program

The Community Grants program is a popular and well received way for Council to support a broad spectrum of community groups and enterprises, with Councillors acknowledging the effectiveness and positive impact of the program.

Accordingly, Councillors approved the allocation of $33.983.15 to be awarded for a variety of activities and causes, including a Reconciliation walk, Kempsey Riverside Markets, Family History, new sports equipment, and cultural activities.

For a full list of recipients, check out our Council meeting agenda wrap story or download the full document through our Business Papers.

Proposed alterations and additions to Slim Dusty Centre

Development Consent for alterations and additions to the Slim Dusty Exhibition Centre was granted by Council, a process necessary due to the proposed development being a Council asset located on Crown Land. 

Development Application DA2401014 proposes alterations and additions to the Slim Dusty Exhibition Centre which is likely to be constructed over three stages. The applicant seeks flexibility in the consent conditions to allow and account for various elements that may arise during the construction process.

For more information on the alterations and additions proposed for the Slim Dusty Centre, check out our Council meeting agenda wrap story or download the full document through our Business Papers.

Customer Experience Policy

Council adopted a new Customer Experience Policy, with some small amendments, which aims to establish a consistent approach to customer experience across Council and communicate this approach to our internal and external customers. It also articulates the key principles of professional, approachable, and reliable customer experience.

Additionally, the Policy outlines the roles of the Mayor and Councillors in referring requests for service, enquiries, complaints, and feedback to the organisation for appropriate action and response.

Sustainable Procurement and Contracts Policy

A draft Procurement Strategy and draft Sustainable Procurement and Contracts policy was adopted, which commits to creating a sustainable, ethical, and efficient procurement and contract management system.

The purpose of the Strategy is to commit to creating a procurement and contract management system that is a sustainable, ethical, and efficient. 

The draft policy has been updated to include a change to the existing purchasing thresholds, removing the need to obtain three written quotes for every purchase under $25,000, creating a streamlined process, reducing the strain on local suppliers that are often engaged for repetitive quoting exercises, as well as improving the efficiency of reporting and reducing administrative burdens.

Waste vouchers usage update

The methods of allocating a portion of waste vouchers have been reviewed by Council staff who have recommended that the current system not be changed for the coming financial year.

Waste vouchers are currently emailed or mailed out with rates notices for all residential properties with a waste service. Residential rental properties, including multi-residential dwellings with vouchers, are mailed to managing Real Estate Agents, Strata Managers, and owners of the rental properties. This process relies on the managing Real Estate Agents, Strata Managers and property owners to pass on the vouchers to tenants when received.

In the current financial year, there have been 1,972 vouchers redeemed from 23,084 vouchers issued to 11,542 rateable properties.

The proposed terms and conditions of waste vouchers for 2024-25 are:

  • Single use vouchers must be presented at the time of disposal
  • Vouchers redeemable per ‘standard domestic load’ - maximum 2 vouchers
  • Vouchers are valid for domestic residential waste disposal only
  • Any load with a total cost more than the voucher value of $40.00 shall incur the additional fee

Other Business considered in open session

10.1. 2023-24 Quarter 3 Corporate Performance Report

10.2. Community Grant Program

10.3. DA2401014 Proposed Alterations & Additions to Slim Dusty Centre

10.4. Customer Experience Policy

10.5. Sustainable Procurement and Contracts Policy

10.6. Waste Voucher Usage Update

10.7. Sale of Land for Unpaid Rates

10.8. Statement of Cash and Investments - April 2024

11.1. Delegates Report - NSW Country Mayors Association - Forbes Conference

11.2. Delegates Report - NSW Australian Local Government Women's Association NSW Conference

11.3. Delegates Report - Bush Fire Management Committee - 1 May 2024

11.4. Delegate's Report - Arts Mid North Coast - 2023-24

12.1. Legal Matters

You can view the May 2024 agenda, official minutes, and business papers at our website.

The meeting was live-streamed via Council's YouTube page 

Watch the recording of the meeting video here.