Community land, sites for a new library and creating a tribute

Published on 26 September 2022

An artist’s rendering of one concept for the new library

Community land for Wittitrin, ideal locations for the South West Rocks Library and a memorial for Dave Sands were just some of the items discussed on Tuesday 19 September for the Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Community land for Wittitrin

Council agreed to acquire land in Wittitrin for the community to meet in times of natural disasters. Council will classify this as community land and enter into a lease agreement with the Wittitrin Progress Association

Wittitrin Progress Association has received an Australian Government Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Community Grant to buy the land.

Locking in a more sustainable and resilient Kempsey Shire

Councillors adopted the Sustainability and Resilience Strategy for the Kempsey Shire, developed to help residents and businesses be more sustainable.

Location options for South West Rocks Library

Councillors agreed to receive expressions of interest from private landholders, within the South West Rocks Structure Plan footprint, to help find a suitable location for the construction of the South West Rocks Library and Community Hub.

Council has researched publicly owned locations. It found that no Council or Crown Land site is suitable when considering criteria such as environmental impacts, planning constraints and community value. 

Dave Sands memorial

Council has agreed to establish a memorial for Dave Sands. Dave Sands and his family helped put Kempsey on the map with their boxing achievements. 

With Dave Sands' family, Mayor Leo Hauville and General Manager Craig Milburn reported that Archibald Prize winning Dunghutti artist, Blak Douglas, is working to create some concepts for the project. 

Site selection is still being undertaken and is expected to be finalised this year. 

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