A message from the Mayor: Our roads need help and we need help

Published on 21 November 2022


The Kempsey Shire road network has suffered disastrous damage and the repairs are beyond any local government’s capacity.

With this reality front of Council’s mind, we’ve joined Local Government NSW and NSW Country Mayor’s Association in declaring a road emergency.

Kempsey Shire Council aren’t giving up, we’re doing more than ever before. We're spending $39 million this financial year alone trying to repair and maintain roads.

We are also using all the road repair options available to us. We recently spent $500,000 on a Jetpatcher truck and while this is a lot of money, we need it. There are now two Jetpatchers out and about. These blow out loose gravel and dry the hole, then uses an emulsion mix of asphalt and stone that binds together forming a strong seal. 

Our road crews have been expanded and those staff are doing a wonderful job, but we need hundreds of millions of dollars to fix our roads. Every time Council responds to the onslaught of wet weather, we take staff away from tasks they were supposed to be doing as more important jobs are being prioritised. Every time we make an urgent fix it delays a long-term solution. We need more staff and more equipment.

It's not an easy task, it’s often a thankless task, and I must commend Council staff for soldiering on despite their hard work often coming undone.

Give recognition to those who deserve it

It’s time to nominate great people in our community for Citizen of the Year or Local Hero, or both! 

Surely you know someone who made a difference this year. Nominations are open for the 2023 Australia Day Awards. Nominate a mate at ksc.pub/australiaday

Canadian friends stop by

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of welcoming some international visitors to Council as part of the Kempsey and Lake Simcoe Friendship Force. 

Lake Simcoe is in Canada, just north of Toronto. The group has been enjoying our beautiful area as well as the sites and attractions we boast.

Both the General Manager and I received our guests who participated in a tour and presentations from Council. The guests were then fed by the Kempsey Country Women’s Association who provided a delicious Australian themed spread.
visitors from canada at council