Tests to determine if root rot remains at Crescent Head foreshore

Published on 13 September 2022

pandanus trees infected with root rot

UPDATE December 2022: Tests confirm the pathogen is still present in soil. Council will retest soil in late 2023 to see if pathogen has died.”

Samples of soil at Crescent Head foreshore have been sent for testing to confirm if the root rot pathogen has died.

Some of the pandanus trees and the surrounding soil at the Crescent Head foreshore will be replaced after tests in February 2022 confirmed them to be infected with root rot.

Council has been starving the root rot pathogen out of the soil throughout 2022. Last week on Friday 9 September, Council’s sent samples of soil for testing to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, which will reveal if the pathogen had died. If the pathogen has died out in the soil, plans to replace the trees can begin.

Council will deliver the replacement of the pandanus trees with the implementation of the Crescent Head Master Plan developed for the Foreshore Linear Park area.

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Please note: In March 2022, Council redefined the scope of the foreshore car park area in terms of delivering the Crescent Head Master Plan. The infected pandanus trees are outside this boundary and are located in the Foreshore Linear Park. See more Crescent Head village and foreshore upgrades