Draft Chapter B7: Flood Hazard Area Management - KDCP 2013

No longer on display. Expired on 29 June 2021, 04:30 PM

Following the Kempsey CBD Floodplain Risk Management Study and the adoption of the Kempsey CBD Floodplain Risk Management Plan(PDF, 1MB), Council is proposing to amend the Kempsey Development Control Plan 2013 to incorporate the latest flood information and recommendations made in the plan.

The revised Chapter B7: Flood Hazard Area Management is designed to ensure development in the Kempsey CBD area adopts the latest flood modelling to minimise the risk to people and property, and boost community resilience during and after flood events. 

The area covers approximately 7,331 hectares in the Macleay River Catchment, from upstream between Aldavilla and Sherwood to downstream at Austral Eden and east to Frogmore. It includes the townships of:

  • Aldavilla 
  • Euroka 
  • West Kempsey 
  • Kempsey 
  • East Kempsey 
  • South Kempsey 
  • Frederickton 
  • Red Hill 
  • Frogmore 
  • Austral Eden (in part)

The amended chapter will be on exhibition from 1 to 29 June 2021. 

The new Flood Planning Mapping is available for viewing at:


Enquiries may be directed to Marnie Jeffery at marnie.jeffery@kempsey.nsw.gov.au

Written submissions about the draft chapter should be addressed to the General Manager, Kempsey Shire Council, PO Box 3078, West Kempsey NSW 2440 or emailed to ksc@kempsey.nsw.gov.au

Closing date: Tuesday 29 June 2021

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