Road restoration works, Stuarts Point (COMPLETED)

Fishermans Reach Road 1.JPG

Temporary and emergency works

The 2021 flood event caused significant damage to roads in and around Stuarts Point, including Grassy Head Road, Second Avenue, Third Avenue and Fishermans Reach Road.

After the event, Council carried out emergency works, including:

  • patching potholes
  • removing shoves
  • placing gravel on Fishermans Reach Road
  • making other safety improvements. 

Longer-term rehabilitation works

Under disaster recovery funding arrangements, Council submitted cost estimates and evidence of the roads' condition to the NSW Government to qualify for immediate recovery works funding. This funding was approved.

Work began in late 2021 to rehabilitate flood-damaged roads in the Stuarts Point area and was completed in 2022.

For the latest updates on Council works, see the Weekly Works Update.


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