The Kempsey Corridor Master Plan

Adopted 19 February 2013

Cover of The Kempsey Corridor Master Plan


This document provides a framework for the planning and development of the former Pacific Highway corridor section from the village of South Kempsey, to the town of Kempsey and through to the village of Frederickton.

Spanning a distance of 14 kilometres, the bypass of the former Route 1 corridor gained planning approval in 2008. Construction of the first stage South Kempsey to Frederickton deviation commenced in 2010.

In 2009 Kempsey Shire Council engaged Macroplan Pty Ltd to prepare a Background Issues Paper on the bypass, outlining predicted impacts of the deviation on the town and villages, and advocating possible remedial strategies. Consequently, in late 2010 Council prepared a Bypass Strategy based on the Macroplan document, which outlined twelve key programs for action.

The Bypass Strategy acts as the foundation document for establishing the principles, aims and objectives, key tasks and goals required to transition the community from a strong highway focus, to one where it becomes less significant in the day-to-day life of the town of Kempsey and villages of South Kempsey and Frederickton.

Early in the strategy development phase, key areas were identified as important in assisting in the transition, including communication and participation, urban design and economic development.

Refinement of the framework identified three integrated streams. These underpin the delivery program and shape the structure of this Master Plan.

The three streams are:

  • community engagement and participation
  • place making and urban design, and
  • economic development and community prosperity.

Together they create the structural blueprint for the Master Plan.


The Master Plan is a comprehensive strategic document that establishes the guidelines for the future direction of infrastructure provision, service and development along the South Kempsey to Frederickton corridor.

The Master Plan aims to establish an urban design model for the corridor, with particular emphasis on the villages of South Kempsey and Frederickton and the town centre of Kempsey. It’s objectives are to achieve:

  • a framework for the revitalisation of the retail economy of the Kempsey town centre, and the villages of South Kempsey and Frederickton
  • fresh opportunities for innovative business and job creation industries along the corridor
  • reinforcement and conservation of the natural and cultural environmental heritage of the corridor, and
  • improvements to the urban environment for the long-term wellbeing of the community.

The Master Plan is the first Council document of its type to investigate the future planning and design direction for a continuous “ribbon” between South Kempsey and Frederickton. In doing so, Council provides a framework for the long-term creation of a sustainable and economically prosperous community.