Crime prevention
Community safety

What is Crime Prevention?

Crime prevention is about reducing and preventing crime. It involves many different strategies and activities, generally limit the opportunities for crime to occur. It also addresses social, situational, economic and equity issues that contribute to crime.

Ways of responding to rising levels of crime (and the fear of crime including increasing police numbers and powers, and imposing harsher penalties on people convicted of crimes. However responding to crime in a punitive and retributive manner has not been show to significantly reduce or prevent crime.

The current trend is a move towards community-based crime prevention that involves partnerships; with every relevant stakeholder given the opportunity to contribute and assist.

This page has been developed as a strategy to provide residents with information about community safety and crime prevention.

Protecting your home

Information kits are available from Council’s Customer Services Centre to assist you with the protection of your home. The kits titled Protect your home from intruders is practical and provides many useful hints. If you would like a kit but are unable to call in to pick one up please call Community Services on 6566 3222 and one will be sent out to you.

Reporting crimes

Report It - Don't Ignore It poster

It is very important that all crimes are reported. Correct information about how many, and what types of crimes are occurring in the community assist Police to protect residents, visitors and businesses within the Shire.

  • Police Assistance Line (PAL) - ph: 131 444
    For the reporting of crimes that are not in progress, have no known offender eg. malicious damage, break and enter or stealing.
  • Emergency services - ph: 000
    For all emergency services assistance from the police, ambulance or fire brigade.
  • Crime Stoppers – ph: 1800 333 000
    A community based policing service that gathers details of criminal activity volunteered by members of the public.

When you need to report a crime or suspicious behaviour to the police remember:

  • Try to be calm and speak clearly, take a few deep breaths if you are having difficulty speaking
  • Follow the operator’s instructions
  • Give you name, phone number and address
  • State the problem
  • Give the location and time of the incident
  • Give a description of the persons and vehicles involved.

Being the victim of crime is stressful and can be overwhelming. The Police and telephone operators understand that you have suffered a shock and may have difficulty providing a report. They will be sensitive to your situation and will assist you to report the incident. Remember the Police are there to help you.

So what can you do right now about crime in our Shire?

Effective policing everywhere in the world actually depends greatly on the citizens active assistance, which means we all have a responsibility to report crime.

"Report It, Don't Ignore It" Pads

Call Council on 65663 200 to receive a free “Report It, Don’t Ignore It” pad, or email to request one (remember to include address details) or call into Council’s Customer First Centre and pick one up. This pad has a checklist as a guide in recording your information with all emergency contact numbers explained.

Emergency and community contacts magnet

This program was an initiative of the Mid North Coast Crime Prevention Network.

Emergency and community contacts magnet

An emergency and community contacts magnet is available at the Customer First Centre and at Kempsey Library or one can be mailed out. To enquire phone: 02 6566 3200.